4 Archetypes of The Sacred Masculine

4 Archetypes of The Sacred Masculine

The Magician knows the ways of Magic. he knows that what we perceive with our 5 human senses is just the tip of the iceberg. His words facilitate healing and transformation. He knows the ways of natural holistic healing incorporating mind, body and soul. When he lays on his hands energy transmission may move the recipients body in dramatic way. He knows how to create the right conditions for healing. He is a catalyst.

The Lover lives from an open heart and Loves all of Life. He knows that Love is not about one person but is a way of Life. He shares his Love freely. He knows and understands the Divine Feminine because it moves freely through him. He is in service to Her and his pleasure and joy is found in meeting her needs. He knows how to be tender and vulnerable as well as strong and holding and in so doing he opens woman’s heart.

The Sovereign stands in his own power. He follows his own inner guidance system and knows that to live outside human laws he must live from a clear integrity and honesty. He lives by universal laws and is wise and fair. He knows he is a servant to Higher Sovereignty He is not afraid to sacrifice his own personal needs at times for the greater good. He rules his own inner kingdom knowing that it the way he lives his life is of paramount importance. He leads by example.

The warrior understands courage and speaks his truth even though this may at times cause conflict initially. He is not afraid to fight for what he knows in his heart to be right. A warrior is no stranger to fear; it is his constant companion as he steps time and time again into uncharted terrain. He feels and honours his fear and yet it does not hold him back. He is not afraid to fight in order to protect the women and children and those who need his courage and strength.

The Sacred Masculine is humble and knows that he is a work in progress. The sacred masculine IS rising…

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