Only Sacred Moments

Only Sacred Moments

All the great sages and mystics tell us that in truth there is only really this present moment. The Present NOW is where the past and future dissect and is our most powerful point, possibly our only true point of influence.

What we do, say, feel , think and Be in each moment is where we are in ‘control’ if we choose to be, in this beautiful experience of Life, where so much often seems beyond our control.
The mind often wants to look at the big picture, at the present and past and so often the picture is distorted by our experiences, our interpretations, our fears; the mind is not always to be trusted as it deletes, distorts and generalises information. This is why we continue our journey of unlearning: so that increasingly what we perceive with the mind is a clear reflection of what is actually happening.

Only bringing our awareness to NOW trains our mind to become our servant and not the master of our human experience.
Remember who or what it is that is observing and witnessing the antics of the mind! Or at least keep asking who or what is witnessing this movie of my life.
Remember that you are the director of your movie. Every time you return to the present you are moving into the role of a movie director creating a movie based on your highest potential rather than based on limiting experiences of the past. Draw consciously on the experiences that you choose and be open to the possibility that perhaps all experiences serve us in some bigger way beyond this human story.

Today is a new day. What we do and who we are today is where the opportunity lies. Do with each moment as you choose, but know it is a sacred, precious moment that maybe you will never get the chance to experience or influence again.

May your day be only sacred moments. Namaste

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