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The Death of Totem Cat

Yesterday Sol and I took Totem to the vet where she had an injection that sent her to sleep and allowed her to be free from her tired and worn out body. She was nearly 20 years old and has had a good long Life and has brought so much Love into our home. She

Strange Love

So here we are again you and I fair lady of the night. Again you have slipped into my bed naked save for your silvery splendour. What is it you want from me? Why is it that you cast your full glance upon me And insist I do not sleep but instead that I lay

Homeless Beggars?

Do you ever wonder how I came to be down here; I have a good tale to tell if you have time to hear. My story’s much the same as yours, of that I am sure But at the same time it’s different, maybe not quite so pure. You see when we’re cut we all

Measuring Acts of Kindness

This is Archie’s multi coloured dream blanket! The other day I posted on face Book that our dog Archie had a new outside country residence ie a kennel!  For the dog lovers, he is not outside all the time but enjoys the comfort of his inside bed too. A few days later a dear friend

Tough Love

My youngest son Sol is nearly 16 now and his teenage hormones are racing round his body. He spends alternate weekends with me and recently things were slipping and I felt frustrated and angry that when he came over he would either be out with his friends or on his computer so we were having

Young People are the Future

Today I spoke to the secondary pupils at Maple Hayes Hall Dyslexia School. The title of my talk was: ‘It’s not what happens but how we choose to respond that counts.’ I wanted them to know that despite (and perhaps because) of their challenges with reading and writing etc they can still lead happy, loved

Stepping Stones In The Mist