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4 Archetypes of The Sacred Masculine

The Magician knows the ways of Magic. he knows that what we perceive with our 5 human senses is just the tip of the iceberg. His words facilitate healing and transformation. He knows the ways of natural holistic healing incorporating mind, body and soul. When he lays on his hands energy transmission may move the

Fire, Earth and Darkness

Last night four friends gathered, as they do four times a year, and made their way through the woods as the last of the daylight faded. They arrived at the round, natural hollow in the earth amongst half a dozen yew trees and prepared their fire. The sacred space was honoured and the fire was

Male Suicide and the Divine Feminine

At different points yesterday I found my mind wondering about the suicide of my homeless friend Rem and I saw the connection with the feminine, the heart, the feeling centre. Rem was loved by many folk but he could not feel it. I can relate to this. When we are young and our needs are

Celebrating Fucked-up-ness

Deep acceptance and acknowledgement seems to be the most powerful medicine there is. Even ‘letting go’ or ‘surrender’ has an energy of something that needs to be removed, deleted or given up which can lead to a subtle conflict and feelings of resistance; of must and should and ought. Guilt or shame or blame are usually

Loving the Tree Beings

She is my favourite tree that I pass on my walk with the land and sky on most days. I love the way she arches over the path and creates such a natural doorway. She always waits for me on the West side of the Malvern Hills. We spend a few quiet moments together and

The All-One Tree

Can you see the tree that stands all alone on the hill? How complete she seems unto herself as you hurry by. But slow down, pause a while and look again. See how her sure branches reach and merge with the light infinity of sky. See how she makes love with the gentle breeze; caressed

Stepping Stones In The Mist