Stepping Stones in the Mist – life lessons for overcoming adversity

I was in a coaching session with my coach and he asked me ‘what is it that you need to do next on your journey through life?’ It was one of those times when I heard myself saying something that seemed to come through me rather than from me! I heard myself responding by saying ‘I need to write my book.’

It was a bit of a shock at first but I resigned myself to sitting at my computer the following morning to see what would emerge on the page. To my surprise the words came tumbling out and onto the page and in a very short period of time the first draft was complete. This book is my story. I didn’t want to dwell on the challenging times I experienced as a child and so the story begins when I left home and began to take my first tentative steps across Life’s stepping stones.

It is also an experiment in vulnerability as I was curious as to how people would respond when I shared dark times and things that I had long felt shame about. The ‘lessons for life’ came later as I wanted healing to be woven into the very fabric of the story and sharing the key principles that I learnt along the way seemed a clear and concise way to compliment this objective. I hope that you enjoy the book and that it touches and heals your heart a little.

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photo 7dStepping Stones in the Mist: Life Lessons for Overcoming Adversity is a beautiful, raw and inspirational story about life’s challenges. Miguel Dean is an exceptional writer who, from an extraordinary autobiographical base will take you from addiction, loss, separation, and illness to a life of joy, beauty, gratitude, love. The honesty and integrity of this book will leave you so connected to Miguel’s energy and resourcefulness that you begin your healing as you read.

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Basically, I loved it. I love autobiographies as a generalisation, but they obviously have to be good ones to keep me gripped, and this one certainly did! I read it over two days in two sittings, and honestly, I didn’t want it to end.

Ayo Kolade

I was deeply touched by Miguel’s honest and sincere autobiography which I read in two sittings. Miguel speaks from his heart in sharing the lessons he learned through what seemed like insurmountable challenges. He has left no stone unturned in sharing so authentically and with such compassion, wisdom and humility. I felt like I had just received the most precious gift through Miguel sharing the lessons that he learned in overcoming the extremes of adversity in his life. In stepping out of the ego and into the wisdom of the heart it’s breath taking what can be created.

Narinder Moore

If you think that you have got troubles and can see no way forward or help others in difficulty I suggest that you read this inspiring book. Miguels tells his life story revealing the depths to which he sank and how against the odds he overcame adversity. Now he helps others which speaks volumes about him. Having seen Miguel speak twice – I bought his book straightaway after the first time – one cannot but be touched by his honesty and humility. The book conveys these in greater depth than any talk could as he reveals the mistakes that he made, what he learned and how he moved on. Do read this genuine story of a genuine man.

Alan C Clarke

Miguel Dean really shows us what life is all about. Having experienced various difficulties in early life, he walked down a very rocky,dangerous and humiliating road taking drugs, drinking, stealing etc. Then suddenly he woke up and realised that the power to change all that lies within ourselves. The book tells how he looks back on his life with great honesty, analyses it thoroughly, asks himself how he could do better and with great faith and determination, stops blaming the world for his difficulties and takes back responsibility to turn his life around one step at a time.

It’s very brave to allow one’s vulnerability to be seen and I love the way Miguel does this as we follow his personal ‘Stepping Stones’. This book reveals how he really allowed his difficulties to be transformed into loving, practical wisdom which he now shares in his work as well as in his writing.

The book came to me from a friend and I shall pass it to another friend. Thank you Miguel for an inspiring read.

Shree Star

Perhaps each individual on Earth should give this kind of cathartic honesty a go…we all have our journeys and each is precious.

Clare Smale

I read this book in just three sittings, which is rare for me! It is a great account of overcoming adversity with wisdom, humility and humour. I have already recommended it to many friends and also to some of my students. I hope it will help them to understand that even though our path is usually obscured, if we keep walking in good faith it will usually emerge exactly as it needs to!

Dr. Mario Peters

I love Miguel’s book. It has helped me so much on my journey through trauma.

David R Green

This book is a remarkable and graphic account of facing and overcoming many life challenges. No wonder Miguel Dean is so well equipped with the necessary empathy, understanding and confidence to help others in the way that he does.

R. Orgille MBE


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Stepping Stones In The Mist