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Stepping Stones to Social Change is all about motivating and inspiring individuals to rebuild communities so that in Charles Eisentein’s words we can “build the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.”

Mother Teresa said “The trouble with the world is that we draw the circle of the family too small.”

The more we see humanity as our family and the earth as our home, the more we are drawn to looking after all living beings and creatures and the more conscious and responsible we become in the way we live our day to day lives.

Business As Usual
I believe there is a growing awareness that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option.
It simply doesn’t add up that we can continue using the earth’s finite resources at an exponential rate, polluting the biosphere by burning fossil fuels and inflicting social inequality on millions of human beings.

Why Miguel Dean?
The purpose of Miguel Dean’s social change work is to focus on inspiring and supporting others who wish to contribute to creating a world that we are proud of and in which we know that our children will be safe.

Work With The Cause
To make significant positive changes to the world we need to work at the level of ‘cause’ rather than that of ‘effect’; so the question that arises is: What is the issue that underlies all the other challenges that humanity currently faces?

The answer seems to be that fundamentally we no longer have a culture that is infused and underpinned by healthy relationships. Quantum physics has now proved that everything is connected. Connection suggests relationship and when we feel connected to ourselves, nature and others in a mutually empathic and respectful way we operate at our best.

This unique Intergenerational community building project was funded by the Big Lottery, Enabled by The Wrekin Trust And Facilitated by Miguel Dean.

miguel in action

Inspirational Talks

Miguel is one of those amazing speakers who is unafraid of vulnerability and always speaks from the heart sharing his own experiences and reflections to inspire others to make positive changes.

Having experienced and overcome much adversity in his life he loves to share the gifts that have emerged from his adversity in order to motivate others to take action and become more of who they were born to be.

Increasingly Miguel is being asked to speak about the parallels between his own and humanity’s evolving story; in so doing he reveals how everything is unfolding perfectly as each of us awaken to play our crucial part in planetary transformation.

Talks include:

  • The Twin Trails – our individual and collective route to heaven on earth
  • Bless the Children – social change through youth empowerment
  • Yin/Yang – the balance of the sacred masculine and feminine
  • Sacred Activism – living consciously
  • The Path of Inner Leadership – Kindness, authenticity, vulnerability and courage
  • Rewilding – the return to nature and the land
  • Love – the great journey home from the head to the heart




Another inspirational talk from Miguel! He has a way of conveying his thoughts experiences and insights directly from his heart to mine and, clearly, to the hearts of the others in the group. Love and compassion radiate from his eyes as he ‘holds’ the energy of the group tenderly in his care.

His Inner Light shines so brightly that you cannot help but be beautifully touched by it. Oh for a few more Miguels in the world!!!

Inspirational Talk attendee Paul Janke

In a lot of ways, having a session with Miguel is like talking to the highest version of yourself. He doesn’t really tell you anything you don’t already know at a deep level, but when you’re in the thick of a challenge you often can’t see the wood for the trees.

Miguel gives you that gentle reminder and you know it as truth as you can feel it. You do need to be prepared to dig deep and get messy though. Real change is not for the faint hearted, but it’s the only way to find peace.

Marianne Hicks –Outrospective Coaching client

Miguel is the most honest man I have ever met and is happy to let everyone know about his struggles past and present. This is so helpful in a coaching environment and I got the feeling in my session that I was fully understood. During my 3rd session I got realisation of something that happened in my first school that was so traumatic to me (being picked on by teachers because of my dyslexia) left an unconscious program still running many years later of needing liked in anyway I could because I felt so unworthy as a child.

For me this realisation was like suddenly truly Seeing for the first time in my life. I would like to say thank you to Miguel for giving me a space where I felt understood, listened to and for giving me new life!

Many wonderful things have happened since my sessions. I am getting more NLP work, having better connections, my physical health is better and am really loving life again. Thank you Miguel.

Paul Goddard – Outrospective Coaching Client

I first encountered Miguel at the Festival of Gratitude in December. I have not been able to forget him. From the moment he began speaking, his presence filled the room and his heart and eyes were radiating Christ Consciousness energy to such an extent that i could not hold back the tears. These were not tears of sadness, they were tears of remembrance. Remembrance of a time long gone when I was sitting by a camp fire listening to the words of Joshua.

Miguel’s presence remains with me now. I do not know if he is yet aware of what was coming through him that day and is growing in momentum within him but he is one very special soul. I look forward to hearing this remarkable young man speak again – for he speaks from his heart.

Inspirational Talk attendee Janet Lockett, 2015

Thank you again for your wonderful presentation last night – I really look forward to reading your book. We would love for you to come back again for another event or workshop.
Venetia David, Co-director, Alternatives, 2016

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to hear Miguel Dean speak when he shared his personal journey and philosophies. It was really refreshing to hear someone speak from the heart and expose his vulnerability. Although his life experiences were different to mine we seemed to share many feelings. His profound insights helped me both reflect on, and understand, my own journey more deeply.

This experience opened me up emotionally giving me confidence in some of my own conclusions and also cemented my decision to live a more authentic life. A few weeks later I contacted my Dad, who I hadn’t seen for over 20 years and we are now moving forward positively with our relationship. Thank you so much Miguel.

Inspirational Talk attendee Clare Bennett, 2016

I just wanted to say how brilliant I thought last night’s format was and how wonderful the four speakers were who spoke. In particular Miguel Dean left me struggling not to sob with his very moving delivery as I tried to stay present to the pain I feel in how we are currently behaving on earth.
Emma-Alternatives-Small Talks, Big Messages attendee, 2016

I met Miguel recently at an event where he was speaking. I was instantly struck by his life story which was incredibly interesting about how he has really turned his life around, but much more than that I was struck by his remarkable likeness both in manner and appearance to Jesus as I perceive him to have been some two thousand years ago.

I know that might sound weird to some but Miguel had such a calmness about him, love flowed from him as he talked about the things that had happened to him as if he was talking to his disciples. He is full of Christ energy and if you get the chance to hear him speak, I recommend you don’t miss out.

Inspirational Talk attendee Philippa Smart, 2016

Miguel had me spellbound from the moment that he stood up to speak and from that instant the silence in the room was palpable. He invited me to step into the shoes of someone I might easily just walk past in the street and from there to travel with him on his journey back to himself.

Delivered with clear, articulate language Miguel’s message was uncompromising and sometimes uncomfortable to hear as I became aware of my own responsibility to act for social change but because he spoke from his heart the kindness and compassion filled me with hope and determination to ‘do whatever I can’ to help build a better world for our children and the whole human family.

Miguel is an exceptional man, filled with the power and presence of his masculine energy but deeply in touch with his tender and insightful feminine energy as well. His honesty and open vulnerability give his talk the poignancy to move people and forces them to think deeply about they own lives and responses.

I recommend him highly as a speaker for any group, he is an inspiration!

Inspirational Talk attendee Jackie Tweedie
Clarity Coach, 2014

Miguel, I just wanted to say that I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. I’ve shifted so much overnight and there’s a cessation of fear.

I’ve felt so isolated for so long. But it was really only me doing it to myself which I did know but I didn’t know how to break the cycle.

Yesterday’s workshop was perfect.
Workshop participant W Thomas
MD at Vision 4 Learning, 2015

I have attended all three of Miguel’s wonderful workshops and found the whole experience to be quite transformative. As a facilitator, Miguel had a quiet reassuring presence throughout.

He presented his message in a clear and understandable way, showing great sensitivity to any issues that arose for people as a result of the workshop material, including myself!
Workshop participant E. Gathergood
Author & Holistic Life Coach, 2015

I had always been sceptical about coaching thinking it was going to be someone telling me what to. I could not be or surprised and pleased when I decided to take the plunge and booked a few initial sessions with Miguel.

His style and approach is just perfect and I find it more like having a travel companion who wants you to succeed as much if not more than you do. His guidance and support has helped me enormously.
Recipient of Outrospective coaching J. Critoph, Director at Transformational Change, 2015

Miguel has been providing me with regular support sessions and has shown a great understanding of what I do and the issues I face. My role as a mental well-being coach means that I have some challenging and hard cases to manage.

Miguel has provided me with great support and offered a number of mechanisms for dealing with these issues. He has demonstrated a high level of skill and understanding of my clients, their issues as well as my role and my challenges. I have enjoyed working with Miguel and feel he has a natural ability to understand, listen to people and give advice in an impartial and practical way.
Recipient of Outrospective coaching Neil Ordish, Wellbeing coach, 2015.

As well as a number of other hats I am a professional life coach and Miguel works with me offering supervision. He is always reliable and his friendly approach makes for valuable sessions.

Miguel’s openness allows me to feel free to share any issues I may have without feeling I will be judged. He also supports me to explore unresolved issues I may have, which allows me to grow personally.

His integrity, openness and transparency make him a powerful and effective coach.

Recipient of Outrospective coaching B. Haining, Life Coach and CEO Global Harmony


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Transformational Workshops

All workshops are facilitated in a safe and empathic environment. Miguel always creates a space for people to share and explore who they are while learning from the wisdom of Miguel’s rich and varied life experiences.

Workshops include:

  • The Twin Trails – our individual and collective route to heaven on earth
  • Bless the Children – social change through youth empowerment
  • Yin/Yang – the balance of the sacred masculine and feminine
  • Sacred Activism – living consciously
  • The Path of Inner Leadership – Kindness, authenticity, vulnerability and courage
  • Rewilding – the return to nature and the land
  • Love – the great journey home from the head to the heart


One to One Soul Companion Sessions

CounSOULing For You

Soul Companion sessions are for those who know that we are always living two journeys:

Firstly the one that is this human experience and secondly the bigger picture and journey of the essence or spirit that is our true centre.

Your one to one sessions will focus on the aspects of your life that you are passionate about changing or deepening. The rate at which you choose to grow is up to you and it may be that you choose to dive in at the deep end or begin by taking some small steps. There is no wrong way to progress.

Miguel’s real qualifications are the life journey he has walked from the darkness to the light though he also holds qualifications in counselling and coaching.

Sessions preferably happen face to face, although online mediums such as Skype for video conversations are proving to be powerful and effective.

Fees are usually £60.00 per hour and concessions may be available too.

To arrange your free half hour initial consultation click here.


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