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‘I am passionate about speaking to audiences with my intention being to inspire, guide and to initiate change in order to facilitate personal and planetary transformation.’

Miguel is increasingly being asked to speak to a variety of different audiences but not everyone can make it to hear Miguel in person so we are creating a bank of talks and interviews that you can listen to in the comfort of your own home and share with friends who may also benefit from Miguel’s heart felt wisdom. Enjoy!


Overcoming adversity: a conversation with Miguel Dean

“Young People are Our Future” Simon Sofa hangout with Miguel Dean.

This was an interview that I had with Paul Goddard on Summer Solstice 2016.

A short exert from a talk at Truth Juice, Birmingham July 2016.

A short exert from the talk at Watkins Bookshop, Leicester Square, London 2017.

Miguel speaks about his first book Stepping Stones In The Mist at Watkins Bookshop, London 2017.

Miguel speaking about his most recent insights at Isbourne Holistic Centre, Cheltenham 2016.

An interview on Life, authentic masculinity and youth mentoring.

Miguel Dean’s Soul Pathway & his Book Stepping Stones in the Mist

Miguel speaking about Embodying the Divine Masculine.

Sacred Masculine in Conversation

Embodying the Sacred Masculine

Fuckin’ The System With Love

I can’t not do this anymore


audio files

Spiritual Kitchen Interview with Monica Douglas Clarke (The Rebel Rev)

Chi time Clara Apollo interviews Miguel Dean on Chi Time Radio

Miguel at The Isbourne Centre: The Twin Trails

Alternatives- London: Small Talks – Big Messages


Youth In Crisis Mental Health Conference – Plymouth

Resilience and Youth Empowerment Based on Miguel’s 20 Years in the Field

Resilience & Facilitation of Youth Empowerment

Attachment theory and meeting emotional needs

Neuroscience and creating optimum learning conditions

Love in Action

Tough Love

Love and Growth

Initiation of the Boys

Asking Questions

Listening and giving empowering feedback

Importance of Self Love

Miguel Services


WHEN video series

(World Healing Electronic Network)

Mission: To ignite the power of good by documenting trauma healing solutions & personal stories from around the world. The new website will go live on 1st January 2017.

Stepping Stones In The Mist