Youth Empowerment

Which young people would benefit most from youth coaching / mentoring?

  • Those with mental health / anxiety / self esteem issues
  • Those lacking a significant male role model
  • Those with history of addiction / self harm /suicide
  • Those on the autistic spectrum

‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.’ Frederick Douglas


Some may say that it has always been difficult growing up and I would agree, but never before has a generation grown up with such huge issues that are present today; issues such as environmental destruction, the increasing challenge to find meaningful employment, a background of political and economic instability and the rise in terrorism. The old story about education, good job and lots of money equalling happiness has expired. It is little wonder that drug abuse, mental health issues, youth homelessness and suicide are all on the rise. Because although the old story has lost credibility, the new story is not yet clear which means that young people are growing up in a place between stories, in a time where much is unclear and uncertain. Never before have our young people needed the support and love of the older generations more in order to help them navigate their way and find meaning and value in their lives and yet if our young people are to thrive, this alone is not enough.

The work to empower young people is essential but the dis-ease of young people has its roots in an increasingly dysfunctional society (old story) . Unless we address the causes of their dis-ease we will always be firefighting, providing temporary short term fixes and papering over the cracks while young people continue to suffer.

Our children are the future and the extent to which we invest in them now, while simultaneously transforming the fabric of relationships between man and woman (which is fundamental to the transformation of society) will determine the future of humanity and our beautiful planet.

Miguel is passionate about his work with the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. In part this is his contribution to the world at the causal level because healthy relationships are fundamental to raising healthy children. But our young people need help now too which is why Miguel works one to one with youth.

There are three youth coaching / mentoring options to choose from:

  1. In person – if you live near Miguel in Worcestershire, United Kingdom.
  2. Online via Skype, FaceTime, Messenger (if you are not familiar with online video, Miguel will support you in getting set up on your mobile phone or computer).
  3. By telephone.


  • Hormone levels and chemical and neurological changes are rife as the transition from child to adult takes place, biologically initiating an identity crises as the search for ‘self’ develops
  • The age of the internet means that young people can effectively be parented by the aspects of technology and the web where they ‘hang out’. For example violent gaming, soap operas, dark movies and social forums and media
  • Peer pressure and bullying has increased via social media so that young people are not just vulnerable to this during school hours but twenty four hours a day
  • The unstable environmental and political landscape often communicated by the media creates a picture of the world as an unsafe place which promotes fear and insecurity

Youth Empowerment – coaching / mentoring sessions

I offer bespoke sessions for youth, parents and carers to help create and embed the optimum conditions to get young people back on track and create greater harmony and peace within the home. At times this will involve working with just the parents (if the young person will not engage). Primarily I work with the young person and sometimes I work with the parents / carers and young person as this inevitably has the quickest and best outcomes.


  • Sessions cost £55.00 (US $70.00) for an hour (but cost can be reduced through block bookings or a specially agreed concession)
  • Sessions can be as frequent as required. They can be as short as thirty minutes or as long as two hours. (sessions are always bespoke and tailored to meet clients’ preferences and needs).

Click here to get in touch with Miguel for your initial 30 minute session. This is a special introductory offer for your first session only at £22.00 (US $28.00)

Testimonials from youth clients:-

‘I have been working with Miguel for around 6 months and the changes within myself have been massive. He is very easy to talk to and I have never felt the need to censor myself. Despite having a complete different story to mine, Miguel has made me realise the similarities that we all have and troubles that we all face in our own ways.  I have been able to accept myself and understand where my issues have come from, sometimes from things I had never even considered. Having someone who has been through tough times to talk to has assisted me in seeing life in a new light.’

Izzak, Aged 19

My sessions with Miguel have been a great source of help to me over the months. At first, I saw events of my life from a negative perspective, and I was constantly plagued with anxiety as a result of this. These days, I see things from a more positive perspective, which has helped me to relax a lot more and enjoy life to its fullest. As well as being helpful therapeutically, I have just enjoyed talking to Miguel in general. He manages to get the right balance of making you feel comfortable and being professional, and I fully respect that about him.’

Dec, Age 24

‘Miguel Dean changed my life and I will be forever grateful. He helped me find myself, the inner me and with his help I pulled the pieces of my life back together again. I’ve never met anyone like Miguel as he is so calm and collected, always ready to listen and to give good meaningful advice. Every teenager should have a Miguel in their life.’

Chris, Age 16

Since working with Miguel I have learnt a lot about myself and learnt patience and understanding. Working with Miguel has allowed me to progress not only in life but in myself. Miguel has been an ear to talk to, a good encouragement and an anchor when things have not been so easy. He has always pointed me in the right direction no matter how foggy the road felt. ‘ No one can live your life for you, only point the way when things get foggy.’ Miguel has been that person, shining light onto situations and helping me find the road again.’

Jo, Age 20

‘The part that has benefited me most over the time I have been speaking with Miguel is generally opening up and sharing things I might not of thought to speak about if I hadn’t been prompted to do so by the questions I was asked. Also having someone that been through hard times in their life and can relate to what you have to say and the feelings you have and can also share their story with you has been a great help. Lastly the support and advice to help me leave behind or at least cut out a large part of bad habits I have had for a long while has been really useful.’

Harry, Age 19