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“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall not sit.” Greek proverb

Young people are the future custodians of this beautiful planet that is our home. At present we still have much to learn about giving them the right start to life that will enable them to reach their fullest potential in these extraordinary times where the old systems and ways of doing things are becoming increasingly recognised as outdated.

My vision is one where young people are honoured and seen as unique, beautiful individuals who all have incredible gifts to offer the world. It may be that these gifts are not discovered until some years have passed but I believe that our role as empowerers of young people is to accept them as they are, meet them where they are and at the same time challenge them.

Young people are very astute and my experience is that unless they feel safe, unless they feel respected and honoured they will not engage fully in learning. A huge bank of research has now confirmed that the most significant factor that enables learning is the relationship between learner and facilitator.

Until we begin to plant trees in whose shade we will not sit, our young people will suffer. It is crucial that we recognise their needs and build mutually respectful relationships which will be the foundation from which they can grow into caring, responsible custodians of their own lives and of the communities where they live.

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Coaching and Mentoring with Youth and Adults

We live in a world where it is increasingly challenging for parents and carers to raise their children to be whole, healthy and empowered individuals. There is increasing pressure for both parents to work long hours to make ends meet resulting in less time and energy to invest in parenting. In addition to this teenage years are historically difficult times for adolescents and there is a rapidly changing cultural landscape in which our children are immersed in. here are a few factors to consider:

  • Hormone levels and chemical and neurological changes are rife as the transition from child to adult takes place biologically initiating an identity crises as the search for ‘self’ develops
  • The age of the internet means that young people can effectively be parented by the aspects of technology and the web where they ‘hang out’. For example violent gaming for, soap operas and social media
  • Peer pressure and bullying has increased via social media so that young people are not just available to this during school hours but twenty four hours a day
  • The unstable environmental and political landscape often communicated by the media creates a picture of the world as an unsafe place which promotes fear and insecurity

I offer bespoke sessions for youth, parents and carers to help create and follow the optimum conditions to get young people back on track and create greater harmony and peace within the home. Sometimes this will involve working with just the parents (if the young person will not engage) and sometimes I work primarily with the young person. But mostly I work with the whole family as this inevitably has the quickest and best outcomes.

Sessions primarily take place face to face although phone conversations and online video calls also work well in facilitating change and empowering all involved.

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Youth Empowerment Projects

The Voices of the Future programme empowers young people through public speaking projects and we are currently looking for schools, colleges and youth organisations to collaborate with.

Voices of the Future is the future of youth empowerment! If you want to be involved please get in touch.


Inspirational Talks

The last time I spoke at a special school in Worcester the staff were amazed by the silence in the room. I was told by the head teacher that she had never seen the students sit still and listen so attentively for so long.

I am not sure why young people engage so well with what I share but I think it is something to do with being vulnerable and speaking from my heart. I guess the students can tell that I really deeply care because I know that growing up can be a scary and challenging experience.

I have also enjoyed speaking in high schools, colleges and universities and my talks are always well received as I am passionate about empowering and inspiring the young people who are the future.

Talks include:

  • Success is for Everyone
  • Homeless Beggar to Social Entrepreneur
  • It’s not what Happens but how we Respond that Counts!

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Miguel Dean changed my life and I will be forever grateful. He helped me find myself, the inner me and with his help I pulled the pieces of my life back together again. I’ve never met anyone like Miguel as he is so calm and collected, always ready to listen and to give good meaningful advice. Every teenager should have a Miguel in their life.
Student of youth coaching/mentoring Chloe Tomalin, Aged 16.

Since working with Miguel I have learnt a lot about myself and learnt patience and understanding. Working with Miguel has allowed me to progress not only in life but in myself. Miguel has been an ear to talk to, a good encouragement and an anchor when things have not been so easy. He has always pointed me in the right direction no matter how foggy the road felt. ‘ No one can live your life for you, only point the way when things get foggy.’ Miguel has been that person, shining light onto situations and helping me find the road again.
Student of youth coaching/mentoring Maddie Allso, Aged 20.

The speech Miguel Dean just gave to me really meant something. I guess it made me see what’s right and that there’s more to life than I actually thought. Never in my life have I heard such a touching story. I now know what to do with my life and that is because of Miguel Dean.
Inspirational talk attendee Ben Thorpe, Aged 19.

I was surprised and delighted at how quiet and attentive the students were throughout Miguel’s presentation. He certainly made quite an impact with his heart warming and inspirational story.
Inspirational talk attendee S. Pennington, Head Teacher – Aspire Academy, 2014.

I was surprised and delighted at how quiet and attentive the students were throughout Miguel’s presentation. He certainly made quite an impact with his heart warming and inspirational story.
Professional workshop attendee F. Halsey, SENCO Virtual School for Children in Care, 2010.

Very stimulating and thought provoking. The training was extremely relevant to my work with young people and development of my coaching skills.
Professional workshop attendee J. Bailey St. Basils, 2013

I was delighted with the amount of positive feedback from staff and residents after your training workshop and inspirational talk today. Thank you.
Professional workshop attendee G. Brown, Torbay Foyer, 2014.

Hey i was one of the young people from NCS that you did a talk to today. And i just wouldent feel good about myself… if i didnt tell you how much you inspired me… My life goal is to simply be a better dad than mine was to me… my dad was like you years ago… addicted… and in a bad place… until he met my mom and had me…. but instead of doing the manly thing like you did and stick around …. he ran away… he just left. no warning no nothing…. so when you said you woke up that one day and thought maybe the family is better without you…you ddi the right thing unlike my dad… and you stayed…. And it was that bit of the story that really touched me…. I feel like you have changed the way i look on the world… and i just want to say thanks.
National Citizenship Service talk attendee, 2015.

The part that has benefited me most over the time i have been speaking with miguel is generally opening up and sharing things i might not of thought to speak about if i hadn’t been prompted to do so by the questions i was asked. Also having someone that been through hard times in their life and can relate to what you have to say and the feelings you have and can also share their story with you has been a great help. Lastly the support and advice to help me leave behind or at least cut out a large part of bad habits i have had for a long while has been really useful.
Harry – youth coaching client, 2016.

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Training/ Workshops / Seminars

Having worked with young adults in a variety of settings for over 20 years Miguel has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share. His inspiring and informative delivery options range from 1 hour seminars to 2 day courses.

Bespoke content will be agreed to suit your needs and will include information on the following dependent on your preferences:

  • Youth Coaching and Mentoring
  • Minimising Challenging Behaviour
  • Emotional Attachment and Addiction
  • Mental Health and Mindfulness/ Well Being

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