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Warriors of the Heart

It takes courage to be a warrior.  It takes courage to raise your sword to fight for what you believe in, to fight for your self or your loved ones.  But do you know what takes even more courage?

It takes even more courage to put down your sword when you have been wielding it for so long that if feels as if it has become a part of your arm.

When man got lost and began using his physical strength to wield power over woman instead of using it to keep her safe, woman was forced to forge and pick up her own sword.  But two cannot embrace and merge fully while one or both still carry their swords, for fear of attack. Cuddling with swords is not to be encouraged!  The generations of fear, distrust and lack of respect that have been passed down through the generations mean that it is difficult to relinquish grip on the handle of the sword that has been protector and security for so long.

So a new kind of courage is needed.  The courage to surrender all weapons.  The courage to be vulnerable.  The courage to own our shadows.  The courage to be vulnerable.  The courage to allow ourselves to relax and soften and be held by another who will at times need to be held too.

The repairing of the bridge between man and woman is essential if we are to create a kinder, more compassionate world for our children and the generations to come.  As we lay down the sword we can use our hands to apply healing balms and herbs that will restore health and wholeness to each other.  These warrior hands must become accustoming to caring, nurturing, caressing ourselves as well as each other  if we are to restore balance and union to the divine masculine and feminine at the heart of men and women.  As we heal ourselves and keep looking within to banish the fear and shadows we soften and can melt and blend into the arms of another more fully and completely.

Don’t you too yearn to be held?

There is much work to be done and this new warrior work is to be guided by forgiveness, integrity, deep honesty and a fierce passion for peace and love.  This new courage of surrender, of nakedness is not for the faint of heart.  For we will find ourselves automatically reaching for our sword time and time again when we are triggered and our wounds are activated.  But fighting is not the answer.  When we deeply commit to a new way of being, Life moves to support and aid us in our healing, blossoming and growth.  We are not alone in this journey because everything is divinely orchestrated for our highest good.

Can you put your sword in the ground and truly say that you forgive all that has gone before? That you are ready to live your life anew from your desire to taste the nectar of divine union and become the heart warrior that you always really were?

Then use your intention now to embrace yourself and allow yourself to be held by another who is also committed to this forgotten way of being. It takes a warrior to great courage to lay down the sword but this is the prerequisite to coming home to divine union with self or with another.  You cannot take your sword into the bedroom!

There has been enough bloodshed, enough disrespect, enough violation, enough manipulation. We have learn well what love is not. Now it is time to realise and embody the truth of love. There is no more time for internal or external battles; it is time for peace. It is time for us to lay down our weapons and melt into union.  It is time for the warriors of the heart.


The Closed Door

The moon had waxed and waned and time had slipped away down to the ocean and my leaving you has been a great liberation.

And yet the day came when I missed you so much and I wanted you to know, so I wrote and told you.

And there was a softness in your response that en-couraged me to come to your door unannounced, such was the yearning in me to see you, hear your voice, inhale you and perhaps steal a hug, just one more time.

I so wanted to have you in the bed that was ours one more time, but this was not my intention, not this time.

We had spoken of how cruel and hard endings can be when a depth of sharing is suddenly no longer there.  The co-experiences of pain and beauty are now felt alone.

So I came with some herb teas as an excuse to drop by, an attempt to blur the boundaries of what we had and what we no longer have.  A peace offering that said:

‘You had no ideas when we spoke of how we might become friends and I thought that perhaps friends just drop by sometimes with little gifts.’

And so I came.

And when I arrived at your home, that was never really mine, and I saw your car outside, my heart began beating and fluttering in my chest; there was fear and excitement.

I climbed the steps with wobbly legs that led me to your door and I knocked as casually as I knew how to.

And I was met with silence.

I waited before knocking again, this time a little louder.

And the silence deafened me while my heart thudded.

My phone vibrated in my pocket and it was a message from you.

You texted me!

While I stood outside your door you texted me.

Your reasons for remaining behind the door were paper thin and I responded politely doing my best to hide the gentle surge of rejection washing over me and I placed the herbs on your doorstep and left.

Thank you my love.  Thank you for this beautiful reminder of why I had to leave you.

For though you tried so hard, though we both tried so hard, you could never really open the door of your heart to me.

For too long I had stood on your steps pleading and shouting and crying and begging for you to let me in.

But it was not to be.  This was not to be our destiny.  The more I wanted it the more bolts were drawn across your door.

Your gift to me was to remind me again and again, whenever I forgot, that the door to love, peace and union opens inwards.

Every rejection you gifted me was an invitation to step in to myself.

Though the pull and the yearning to hold and be held can be so strong I will practise holding myself again tonight and the peace that becomes more and more familiar will descend; this time a little more deeply than before.

Thank you.  Thank you for not opening your door to me. Though I still miss you, the door to my own heart is now open a little wider and as I keep stepping in, my missing you fades.

And I am grateful for the gift and the blessing of the closed door.


Your Lover Awaits Within You

So much of what we are exposed to by the world is topsy turvy, back to front and inside out.  Perhaps it would be simpler to live by the rule of thumb that if the predominant message, for example, is that to enjoy life you need to go up, then you probably need to do the opposite, to go down!

If the predominant message is you need to work harder, you probably need to do the opposite, work softer!

And so if we want to find our lover, our twin flame, our soul mate, perhaps we should look within instead of everywhere else!

We are born into a world that insists that we should live from the outside-in, which means that if we want to have something or experience something we need to find it externally and add it to what already exists within us.  Whereas my life journey has brought me to a place where I now fully realise and surrender to the truth that if I want to find, experience, be the love that I am, then I need to look inside and my romantic relationship needs to begin within me.  Love awaits me inside and actually the only thing that I need to do is to cease looking externally for someone to complete me and instead allow all that is not love to dissolve within me so that I might realise the love that I am.

So what do I mean by allow all that is not love to dissolve?’

This is fundamentally about shadow work. It’s about shining the light of consciousness internally so that we can reveal the aspects of ourselves or experiences that we are not fully at peace with or in acceptance of.  It’s sometimes helpful to work with a trusted healer or therapist on this because it’s not always easy to see these aspects within ourselves as our minds may do a good job of concealing them in the shadows through denial or other means.

But as we have the courage to revisit our traumas with consciousness, compassion and awareness and begin to feel that which we were not able to feel fully at the time of the trauma, the energy begins to be released and transformed.  And as this old energy leaves the body we begin to become more alive, we can feel the full spectrum of emotions more fully, though we don’t attach to them as much, as we observe our minds and emotional state from a Higher Self perspective.  As the emotional residue, as blocks to the flow of energy are removed, we once again have access to the flow of source energy, we are connected with all of life as we move away from duality and separation to oneness and connection.  As divine energy flows through us we realise more and more how ridiculous the idea is that the primary source of love could be experienced by a romantic or life partner!

What is usually alluded to as love in our current society is actually co-dependency.  Generally when people think that they are in love, what they mean is that they really enjoy being around another person because of the way that they make them feel.  We confuse and value these ‘positive’ feelings so much because this feeling is alien to most of us because we haven’t been taught how to feel this way about ourselves.  In actual fact we have been taught that loving ourselves is to be avoided at all costs because that would be arrogant or conceited or big headed.  But to love yourself in a humble, all embracing, self-accepting way is actually a significant and essential step in finding and merging with the lover within, divine union of our masculine and feminine, yin and yang complimentary opposites .

However there is such a strong pull to keep seeking love through another, partly because this is the story told over and over by the world we live in and also because love is confused with procreation.  We are spiritual beings and animals and the animal aspect of us may be drawn to copulate with a member of the opposite sex in order to secure the continuation of our lineage but this has little to do with the divine essence or state of love.

This more primal behaviour and energetic pull is not be mistaken with the search for the spiritual state of being in, or just being, love.  To come home to the love that we are it is imperative that we totally stop looking outside ourselves to find completion.  Someone else is not going to complete us.  We are and never were, only half of something or someone.  We are totally complete unto ourselves, we always have been and always will be, it’s just that the world teaches us that we are not enough as we are, that we need to do something else, achieve something else or be with someone else to know peace and love, but this is a lie.

When we fall in love with ourselves we fall in love with The Creator because we are one and the same.  We are simply sparks from the divine fire of consciousness.  As a drop of water is contained in the ocean, so is the ocean contained in a drop of water.

If we want divine union, if we want to fully realise love then we have to stop looking outside.  Maybe it is time for a period of celibacy.  Maybe it is time to romance ourselves.  Maybe it is time to visit those dark places within ourselves that we had desperately hoped we would never have to go because someone else was going to make us happy, when we just found that right partner, that had always been so elusive!

The good news is that in those dark places we will always find treasure!  The mind just obscures the light and makes them appear to be dark but in those shadowy places we will find the keys to unlock our sovereignty and our full magnificent beauty and power.  So much energy is consumed through the effort of avoidance, addiction and distracting ourselves from facing our shadows.

Our lover is and always has been waiting for us.  All we need to do is stop looking outside and shine the light of our loving awareness inside.  Be guided by our internal compass, allow our feelings to inform the directions we take and the decisions we make; use the sharp sword of discernment that we have left sheathed for too long and if in doubt ask ourselves ‘what would love do now?’

When we fall in love with ourselves we fall in love with the world and we only see love in all its myriad disguises and forms.  And who knows when the divine timing is right we may even find another human being to share our state of love with, someone we can allow our over flowing cup of love to wash over and into.

Your lover is awaiting you within.  Will you heed the call?


A Plea to Woman from the Sacred Masculine

Dear woman please do not hide behind the veil of the perceptions of your external physical beauty, for what is it but the momentary beauty of a rose that will wither and wilt as the autumn months bid fair well to summer.  Your true beauty lies within and  I do not wish you to be sad, to feel that you are less than and feel that your worth is ebbing away as your maiden years fall away.

Remember that what we have been programmed to recognise as external female beauty has been cultivated by patriarchy, by men who originally chose to disempower you and disguised this as fashion; these glossy magazines and media images are untruths that keep you from revealing the depth of who you truly are.  Do not be constrained by the prison bars of these lies for I see beneath the shapes and contours of your divine feminine form whatever shape it may take.

By all means honour yourself; take your time in front of the mirror to enhance the beauty that you are for a beautiful painting is always enriched by the frame that surrounds the artistic creation.

But know that your true magnificence shines and emanates from every cell of your being when you can embrace all of who you are in whatever form Creator has gifted you.

Do you know the deepest allure that a woman can hold?  It is the allure of vulnerability.  The courage to reveal all of who you are; your shadow and your light, for in this embrace something magical happens and your presence becomes magnetic and the fear that resides in me is transformed in the fire of attraction to your essence and I am a willing moth to your alchemy flame.

When you can embrace your darkness and peel away the layers of armour weight that you have worn for too long, the light that you are shines forth and I am bewitched by the magnificence of all of you.

Your jealousy, your pride, your fear, your anxiety that you are not enough as you stand now naked in the place that your life’s journey has brought you to, is the doorway to our union.

There is nothing that you need hide from me my love, for I see you because all these shadows are part of my dance too. When you accept yourself in your magnificently perfect imperfection then I can find you, I can reach you and we can merge as One.

Please take off the mask of nice and pretty and polite that perhaps you have forgotten you wear, since you have worn it for so long.  Good little girls,  nice girls cannot feel the depth of my love and adoration.  I do not want your nice goodness.  I want your ugliness, I want your wrath, I want to see the darkness that resides beneath the contours of your delicate skin.

Lay down your weapons of denial and your quick tongue that seeks to defend and parries my every request to show your beautiful messiness to me.  Do not believe the commentary of your mind. These defensive justifications are not yours but were imposed on you by your absorption in a world created by ignorant men who have forgotten the sacredness of life and are fearful of the power and radiance that you are.

Dear woman please do not hide from me any longer.  Come and bring all of you to be with me naked. Come and be with me, my love, and let us remember who we are.


The Divine Masculine Rides Out with the Blessing of the Divine Feminine

Although there is so much beauty in the world it is also apparent that there is a great deal of suffering and in many ways we live in a crazy world.   It is  Goethe who said:

‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.’

These words are painfully true; an uncomfortable truth that most would prefer not to see. And so while the unconscious masses continue their somnambulistic existence, perpetuated by the mass media and all our major institutions of power, millions of people, the planet and sentient beings  suffer needlessly.

This is the result of patriarchy; generations of leadership by boys in men’s bodies; men who are lost to the full spectrum of what is to be a whole, balanced man in union with the masculine and feminine polarities within himself. Men who have forgotten the sacredness of life and that every living thing and every molecule of the universe is connected; who have forgotten that we are all one and as we do to another we do unto ourselves.  These men who have lost touch with their hearts and so have lost their compassion, empathy, kindness.  Many of these men have abused their power over others instead of embodying their authentic sovereignty and using their power for protection and justice and service.

But all is not lost for there is an awakening of men that is now taking place across the world.  The darkest hour is always the one before the dawn and it is important to remember that there is more going on than we can perceive with our human senses and perhaps that which we can conceive with the limitations of our egoic minds.  We are living stories.  We are the knights and princesses in the fairy-tales and myths and great legends of old.  We are living the stories and the stories are living us. The modern fairy tales like The Matrix and Avatar remind us of the awakening of the sacred masculine through the kiss of the divine feminine.  Why have these movies been so successful?  Because deep inside we recognise the truth woven within the stories.

The fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty has been distorted by patriarchy.  It is She that awakens him with her love and not the other way around.

‘Wake up, my love,’ she says ‘It is time for us to return to our thrones together. Either we both take our rightful places together or not at all. I need you as much as you need me. Wake up my love.’

And she kisses him.

And it so is happening, men are returning home to be wed at the altar of inner union. With this marriage comes a reclaiming of the powers and abilities that have for too long lain dormant.  The lover, the warrior, the king and also the magician energy awakens within the sacred masculine and he sees, feels and knows that which for too long was dormant.  This energy dances within me ever more strongly as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, for this is the way that we forge this path that was lost and obscured for generations.

This energy is very much alive within me, I hear the call of Her and other men are feeling it too. I witness this amongst my brothers who are also deepening their commitment to doing their own inner shadow work so that we may all return home to love and truth and create a more beautiful world for our children, all children and those yet to come.

It is a time of hope but hope alone will not suffice.  We must be active in our hope and do whatever is needed so that we can truly become the change that we so desire from our loving hearts to see in the world.  This action by men must be guided by the soft strength of their internal feminine.  Our doing must be informed by what we feel in our hearts.  The divine feminine encourages us to step up, to ride out and regain that which was taken from us but to do so from a just and clear and noble place from within us.  If we get lost at times we can return to the intelligence of our hearts and allow this to be our internal compass in balance with the intelligence of our minds.

The divine feminine is alive within us and she will not let us fall back to sleep.  And it is not just men who have their work cut out right now!  In my work with women I see a pattern of how they are healing the divine masculine within.  They are courageously doing their shadow work and healing the wounds of patriarchy and the men who abandoned them or mistreated them and taught them that men were not be trusted.  Bit by bit we are learning to trust each other again.  This work is not for the faint of heart, it takes deep commitment, courage and self awareness to keep owning and transforming our wounds rather than living from the past and outwardly projecting our anger or sense of betrayal on those who now walk the path with us.

We are the way-showers and with the ever growing light of our rekindled hope and bright spirits we illuminate the path for those who come behind us.  For they are coming.

One of the greatest unquestionable truths is that everything that is alive changes.  The living story of humanity is very much alive and at a critical point and we are writing the story with every thought, word and action.  Remember what an honour and privilege it is to be a part of this great page turning part of our story.  The time of his-story is passed and we step into the sacredness of our-story; Man and woman, king and queen together.  This is the point when you can’t put down the novel you are reading because it’s exciting and you want to know what happens next!

If you want to know what happens next then play your part because this will determine how the story of a New Earth unfolds.  And remember that darkness is just the absence of light.  The truth can only remain hidden by the false for so long.  And what happens in all of our great stories and movies?  Darkness seems to be gathering power throughout the story until something unexpected happens and to our surprise the light returns, often just when we thought that all was lost.  These are the times that we are living.

The darkest hour is indeed often the one before the dawn but if you get still and centred and look towards the horizon with the eyes of your heart, you will see a soft orange glow that is slowly spreading.  This is the impending dawn of a New Age and our New earth.

I look forward to sharing some stories on the road with you as we walk each other home…

(Painting ‘God Speed’ by Edmund Blair Leighton)


The Return to Sacred Union of Man and Woman

This beautiful painting entitled Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton is a powerful illustration of the times that we are living in and what is being asked of us. But do not be deceived by the simplicity of the image as it is multi layered.

It represents the physical realm and dynamic of man and woman but it is also about the inner divine masculine and feminine twin flame energy present within every human. In many ways the more masculine energy of the mind may need to be in service of the more feminine heart to redress the imbalance that has been prevalent for too long as a result of the patriarchal paradigm we have been living for so long.

When women have been disrespected, tortured and denigrated for many generations it takes a woman in her power to be able to fully honour a man as depicted in the painting.

How many women still carry the pain and anger of their sisters and mothers and would much rather sever the man’s head rather than honour him?

How many women still carry wounds inflicted by ignorant or abusive fathers, brothers and ex-lovers?

Bu the truth is that these men were lost to their own sacred masculinity, since the west has, for a long time, only reflected a distorted, stoic, arrogant, domineering masculinity.  Our Ghandis, Martin Luther Kings and noble, balanced, healthy male role models have for too long made up a tiny portion of guidance around what it means to be a man and they are not often seen or represented in the mainstream media and so the possibility of being this type of man remain obscured.  The huge engine of the film industry, media, big business and governments portray an, at best, narrow strand of true masculinity and at worse a massive distorted model of what it means to be a ‘real’ man.

As a result of this, women have adapted and sacrificed aspects of their authentic femininity to try and redress the imbalance of power through their emotional prowess and use of seduction.  Both masculine and feminine energy, when in alignment with truth, are complimentary and embracing of each other; both are needed in balance to reach higher levels of consciousness and sovereignty but the current paradigm encourages fragmentation, conflict and disrespect between men and women.

It seems, as far as we can tell from history, that it was religious men who began this corruption of the complimentary male and female dynamic but why?  It may be that they felt threatened by the power of woman as her womb is the portal from which the unmanifest becomes manifest and new human life is born.  Men were scared and fearful and jealous of this power and so they sought power over and dominance and insisted on being the middle men between the people and a male God in an attempt to disempower women.  False dogmas and doctrines arose instead of the truth of the naturally occurring beautiful, miraculous dance of feminine and masculine that is birthing existence eternally.

Can women really wield the sword of truth and honour the men who are stepping forward now, who are awakening to the truth of who they were born to be at this pivotal time in the story of humanity? This is what is being asked of women now because either we all come home, men and women together, or we all remain lost and disconnected from love and the truth of who we really are.  We cannot travel this journey while there is still an inner war raging in the hearts of men and women for the injustices of the past.

It is a time of forgiveness and for laying down our weapons as instruments of pain and power over and using them instead to honour.  To hold a sword, a potential tool for destruction and use it only to honour and protect is the way of the warrior of the heart.  These are the men and women who are now being asked to step forward.

The time of history (his-story) is over.  And it is not helpful to swing to other extreme in proclaiming that women are better or as capable as men. That is missing the point. How many lives have our souls lived in the bodies of men and women?  Men and women are different and the same at source but the current predominant masculine and feminine dynamic has to change.  When men and women fall out of sacred union the result is the needless suffering, abuse of power and injustice that is rife on earth at this time. Men and women have both been complicit in this to varying degrees but now we know better and we see more clearly. Her-story is no more helpful than his-tory.  It is the time of our-story!  The truth is that paradoxically men and women are complimentary opposites, they are different and both are needed to birth new life.  Is this not a big enough clue that the return to the sacred union of men and women is key to the birthing of a higher consciousness, a new earth or a 5D reality?  When children are born from this love, heaven will be restored to this beautiful planet earth, then we are home.

It takes courage for a man to kneel and bow his head before a woman that is wielding a sword, especially as it is probably his sword which represents his power, which he willingly entrusts to the hands of the divine feminine. The sword is an instrument of death or suffering or an instrument of honouring or protection and the manner in which it is used is dependent, as with any tool, on who wields it.

The darkest hour often precedes the dawn of a new era.  This is that time before the dawn but there is an orange glow spreading across the western sky now.

Men are being asked to kneel in humility and reverence to the divine feminine and willingly surrender their false power; to unify the masculine and feminine within them.  It is time for a balance between the feminine energy of heart and emotions and the masculine energy of head and mind.  In this place of vulnerability a man embodies a new power and strength, born of the divine twin flame union within and The Sacred Masculine arises from his knees; a new man for a New Earth.