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Silk Around Steel

When I was learning Tai Chi my teacher always said that the aim was for me to be as Silk around Steel.
What he meant is that the spine should always be straight and strong with a clear flow down into the earth and up through the head and crown chakra into the heavens. Connection between heaven and earth should always be maintained for optimum health, balance and martial arts potential.
The reason that I share this is that there seems to be a recurring theme in women that I meet who are in their awakening and their feminine is flowing beautifuly but there is a lack of groundedness and connection with their inner steel; ie the inner masculine.

Some women struggle with creating a solid, safe home for themselves and an income so that the security of their home has some longevity.
I know that this post is a huge generalisation, nothing is absolute and each person has different circumstances but never the less I share this here as it is a recurring theme and may be of value to some.
There is often this (totally natural) longing within the feminine to be in a mutually supportive relationship with man so that in part he can take care of some of the steel, that he is naturally wired to do (ie hunting and gathering) putting food on the table, keeping the home safe etc so that she can do what she is more naturally designed for ie. home care, child rearing and flowing in her own beautiful contributions with creativity and love.
But often we men are immersed in our own journeys and the crazy world we live in means that its enough just to keep our own finances and stuff flowing from the reality of ‘I always have more than enough’.
One day it won’t be like this but for now it seems that the task for some women is to work on creating a home and income for themselves. This is the work they have control over, the inner union of their own masculine and feminine, while wishing a man would show up and help shoulder the burden is perhaps not the best use of energy.

This post is about man and woman and the inner and outer masculine and feminine relationship. How can we honour our silk and our steel? Because when we do the dance from this balanced place of union and mutual valuing, like Tai Chi, it becomes a beautiful spectacle and my experience is that the more I live this inner journey the more beautiful my life becomes. <3
What do you need to give energy to? Your Silk or your Steel?


Wow! Intense Energetic Times !

Okay, put your hands up if you have been experiencing some extra weird stuff going on recently?

It seemed to move to a whole new level with the Equinox Full Moon. Wow that was intense! My head was pounding and felt like it was full of pressure, I was freezing cold and had severe nausea in my stomach. And a feeling of fear was present. Not a fear of anything in particular but just fear, like a child being scared of the dark or scared of the unknown.

Since then things have been moving in waves and yesterday there was some serious stuff going on in my root chakra area! Like a gaping void or vortex and sense of expansiveness there. I guess that’s about my letting go of an old form of income that no longer serves and stepping into faith of being supported by the universe in my new ‘work’.

So, yeh…be gentle in these crazy, beautiful, transformational times. I would say get plenty of sleep but that just doesn’t seem to be on the cards these days!
But I am resting when I can, just ticking over and doing what needs to be done. Drinking loads of good water, eating good food, connecting with my soul companions and getting out under the sky on the earth as much as possible.

It doesn’t feel like a war going on for me. It feels more like the dead are being removed from the battlefield! LOL Surrender happened a while ago and yet it is a deepening, ongoing process.

So if things are a bit intense right now, know that you are not alone. All is well and all manner of things shall be well. Stay gentle and blessed.


Yes! Love is a way of Life! 

Are you being undone too? Unraveled? Is there confusion in the mind?
It seems to me that confusion in the mind arises when false and truth meet.
It seems that the old lies, programming, the shackles and chains, the blinkers are falling apart, their grip is loosening and the truth is emerging more and more and because it is so radically different from what we were taught to believe it causes confusion.
We have reached the edged of the map and there is only a blank page now. There is nothing recorded to follow and so we must make the path by placing one foot in front of the other, Integrity, truth, love and kindness are the components of the compass that guide us now. And remembering…we are remembering.

Love is not about a relationship with someone or a select few!
When we realise the Love that we are, we fall in Love with Life itself and everyone and everything becomes sacred; just myriad expressions of the divine.

How we navigate our relationships now is key because the divine masculine and feminine dance is the very fabric of Life itself. Life is relationship, inter-connectivity, interdependence and co creation. We have masculine and feminine within so why not learn to make love with ourselves?!

It seems increasingly to me that what we were taught about love and romantic relationship is just a small piece of the picture and taken out of context may even be false.
When the majority of religion puts so much emphasis on an institution like marriage, which largely seems to be about subjugation, ownership and suppression of the divine feminine surely we should sit up and take note and ask why?
When the majority of religion uses fear to keep us away from the pleasures and ecstasy of communion through the portal of sacred sexuality shouldn’t we again ask why?
Perhaps there is something to be investigated and explored here!

‘There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground’ says Rumi and I believe that there are hundreds of ways to make Love with Life itself. Perhaps there are more ways of loving relationship between man and woman than the duality, the polarity of monogamy or celibacy? There is a new way of Life emerging. A new way of Loving. And so the journey into remembering who and what we truly are continues. Journey well. Namaste



Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Within

‘If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness’. – M. Esther Harding

‘Ultimately, there is no division in life – it is the human mind that likes to label and separate things. The masculine and feminine are therefore two sides of the same coin.’

The state of our inner marriage (twin flame union) is often a good indicator and will mirror the quality of the relationships we have in the world.
The relationships I have with other men reflects to a large extent the relationship and health of my inner masculine which is largely to do with healing father wounds. In the same way I see that as I have healed and transformed my mother wounds and my inner feminine is increasingly healthy and at peace, this is reflected by the relationships and connections with women who show up in my world.

So it’s somewhat simplified but if you are single man and you want a good woman in your life then work on nurturing your inner feminine and when the time is right and your inner work has made good progress a woman will show up as a direct reflection of where you are now in your journey of inner marriage. She will almost certainly be kind enough to show you where there is still work to be done and there is still room for improvement too!
And the same will apply for a single woman that would like to be in a relationship with a man. Look within first…do your work… 🙂

Union within us reflects union in our outer relationships.
And inner balance means that we are deeper into the realms of self actualisation and this means that we are clearer conduits to express and channel and Be and embody Love and Truth, which is most welcome in the world at this powerful time of transformation and creation of a New Earth for ourselves, the children and generations to come.


On Kindness

So I was at the supermarket checkout with my favourite cashier Serena yesterday, who I have a good rapport with. I gave her a copy of my book a few weeks earlier and while I pack my groceries we talk about my book and Love and The Goddess and other things.

Yesterday I was feeling really low. My body is busy doing some serious purging and my skin is sore in places and in particular my eyes. I often feel ugly and less than, when I am not looking/feeling my best. It’s an old story that is almost deleted about childhood eczema and my step mum’s response to my eczema as inconvenient for her and that I was causing extra work and that the fragments of love available were withheld for having eczema.

But Serena helped me massively yesterday in a few words that she she shared with me as I left. She mentioned how my eyes looked rather sore and suggested something that might help and as if she knew how I was feeling she added ‘ but you know you are still beautiful just as you are.’
In my tender state I almost burst into tears as this is my healing mantra of late which is reflected back to me in so many ways from so many beautiful people that I am blessed to have in my life. We shared a few sweet moments of eye contact and I thanked her deeply adding that if she was not behind the checkout I would have been giving her a big hug!

And I just share this little story to remind us of how powerful and important a few kindly spoken words can be to a friend or a ‘stranger’. It is worth remembering too that there really are no strangers. What we say to others is us speaking to ourselves since ‘others’ is just an illusion of the mind.

In these times of change and great opportunity let’s remember to be there for each other. Let’s practice random acts of kindness and speak only love as much as we can. You never know what a huge impact a word, a smile, a hug might have on your own or other’s lives.


Strength in Softness

The further you travel this path, this journey back to Love and Truth the more paradoxical everything seems to become. My experience is that that the doorway Home is through the heart.

I heard many years ago that the greatest journey that we shall ever make is the journey from the head to the heart! How true!:

When we were innocent children we lived from our hearts and the world taught us that it was not correct or safe to do this so we began our retreat into the prison of the head and mind.
In order to return to the realm of the heart we have to open and soften and have the courage to feel all those things in our bodies that we believed were too painful to feel.
The wall that I built around my heart stopped me feeling the intensity of pain from people and life but it also stopped me from feeling joy and ecstasy and bliss and Love.

Now after many years my wall of protection has been dismantled. For the most part I am back home in my heart and wow does it feel good!

The only strength we really need is the strength and courage to feel that which we were not able to fully feel then. In order to do this we need to be still, to be open, to surrender. Emotions themselves cease to be so terrifying when we quieten the mind and just feel into our bodies and fully experience the emotions as sensations in our bodies. It is our interpretation of the emotions with the mind that accentuates and prolongs the pain.

The return and rising of the divine feminine is asking us to find the strength in our softness. Old paradigm strength is redundant on this leg of the journey home.

The willow tree is a soft wood. But it’s softness means that when the wild winds blow it bends and yields and instead of being snapped and broken by its resistance to the wind it takes the wind as a dancing partner and they dance together. While the mighty oak in its rigidity may have its limbs torn asunder in the storm!!

There is strength in softness. They say that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.
Fuck that!

What I say is that what doesn’t kill you is an opportunity to be softer more compassionate, more empathetic, more heart centred. For me this is true strength. Namaste.