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I Am A Wooden Fence

I am a fence to keep you safe.
A magic fence that does not constrain you and from which you may leave at any time.
No harm can come to you while I surround you.and if you choose
I will move with you wherever you go.

I am a fence on a high plateau and through my arms is a stunning view.
The grass where you lay is soft, warm and mossy and
The earth holds you gently in her loving embrace.
And I am a fence to keep you safe while you hum gently to yourself and plait your hair and dream in your hearts desires..

I am a fence because it is all that I can be,
I will move in close and embrace you tenderly and stroke your hair while your holy tears fall to bless the sacred earth.
When fear comes roaming it will not stay long for fear is no match for a fence such as me!

And I am a fence to witness your rising when sweet release has cleaned you out.
To behold the dance and hear the sweet song of your heart.
I am a fence that vibrates in awe at the magnificence of your strength, your courage, your softness, your exquisite beauty.
Maiden, mother, lover, crone I am honoured and blessed to serve you all.

I am a fence
To keep you safe.



Precious Ruby Encounter

Yesterday I was making my daily pilgrimage with my Hills when I came upon two sisters praying in one of my favourite spots.
They prayed out loud and were quite animated at times, waving their arms and I heard the words God and Jehovah. I assume that they were of a christian denomination of some kind.
I stood behind at a distance and smiled at the sacredness of the moment as the three of us were some how connected in deep reverence and humility at the miracle and bigness of Life.

When they came to silence I approached them and we spoke a little. Their names were Ruby and Precious. How beautiful.
They said they had come from about 50 miles away and came quite regularly because they felt that these were holy hills. I told them that I felt the same about the hills and that is why I spend time with them most days. Walking them is a prayer, when I remember to be present, each footstep a kiss of gratitude to The Great Mother.

They invited me to join them in prayer and asked me what I wanted them to pray for. I told them that my only prayer was for the return of love and peace and heaven on earth. They prayed out loud and tears fell down Ruby’s cheeks. I just looked on in silence and marveled at the sweetness of the moment and our fleeting connection in such a special setting.

We shared a few more words after and then I asked them each for a hug. We shared some hugs and then I took my leave.
Maybe we will meet again. Maybe not.
Some might call our meeting a coincidence, others synchronicity, others a sacred moment. But I know what I know in my heart.

I love my Hills and all the magic moments that I experience with them.

Love and blessings to Ruby and Precious wherever they are.

‘All is well and all manner of things shall be well.’ Blessed Be.


On Tender, Loving, Vulnerability and Transformation

Let me make it clear that I share what I share because I believe and know of the power in vulnerability. I am well, I am strong, I am blessed, I am exactly where I need to be, experiencing exactly what is needed in service of my own transformation and that of the collective. I do not need or seek sympathy. I share because I feel it is important to share the whole of me, the whole of the ascension process, the messy bits and the bits that bring shame or lack of self worth to the surface to be released and transformed and dissolved. I share so that others who are finding their journey challenging may find solace in knowing that they are not alone. Too often we just want to share the ‘success’ the shiny end result, the victory. We forget to share the process that may guide and inspire others, we forget to share the perceived failures and the times when we are on our knees and crawling out of bed in the morning takes a super human will. It is the journey that IS the destination and so I feel it is important to share all aspects of my journey in the hope that others may find strength and resilience and faith when each are needed.

And having said all this, if everything is flowing and easy in your journey, then that’s awesome. Suffering and challenge is not to be put on a pedestal. It doesn’t mean that if you are not suffering that you are not growing. Suffering is old paradigm stuff and I believe that it is on the way out because with a new higher, deeper consciousness we don’t need suffering. We can learn from Love and joy and bliss too when we are awake enough to not need the motivation of unnecessary pain for change. Pain is inevitable as part of this current human experience but suffering is optional right NOW. Who knows what the future holds in relation to this.

Right now Life is an amazing blend for me. I feel so blessed and grateful for this Life and where I am on my journey, I am so bathed in Love and compassion and Divine Feminine tenderness and this Love is releasing and displacing the last remnants of fear that reside in my heart. As this fear is displaced I am feeling it in the form of emotions like low self worth and shame and a kind of uncleanness. And I know it is just the old leaving. As it passes through my physical body it causes discomfort. My skin feels uncomfortable, sleep is limited and there are aches and pains and strange sensations particularly in the right (masculine) side of my body. Headaches that are so unusual for me are more common and I am being asked to really honour my body. Today I have a massage booked!

The body and emotional stuff brings some challenges when there are things that need attending to, even though I feel at times I would just like to hibernate in my man cave for the winter!! It is just stuff passing through. It is part of my journey to freedom on all levels. I have taken steps to alleviate the process as best as possible and a large dose of surrender medicine is being swallowed too!

Lots of tenderness and lots of self care is needed at these times when the energy seems to be accelerating our metamorphosis massively.
Be in nature, feet on the earth and head in the sky.
Being with our tribe and being connected with those who we love and are loved by. Whatever we feel, it is personal to some extent but remember it is also humanity’s ‘stuff’ that we are clearing. A whole lineage of clearing is not for the feint of heart!

I believe that tender, loving, vulnerability facilitate transformation. .
All is well and all manner of things shall be well.


Letting Go

So The Autumn is here and the trees remind us all about letting go, as they begin to let go of their leaves. They know that although their branches will be bare for the winter that the spring will bring a new reality and new growth.

It seems that I am in a perpetual state of Autumn these days. There is always more to let go of.

It seems increasingly that this journey home is so much more about letting go than adding to. I guess it makes sense to keep lightening the load as we journey deeper and deeper into the inner places, the spirit, magic, realms.

I have just let go of my part time job. It is an autumn leaf that I needed to let go and make space for new life to grow.
My heart was no longer in it and space is needed for the new that is rising in me.
I shall finish my third book and have more space for writing and this calling to serve the sacred union of divine masculine and feminine will be nurtured and tended.

There will be webinars before too long and group gatherings in the spring perhaps.

And my body continues to purge and cleanse itself, letting go of old energy, toxins, emotions that no longer have a home in this increasingly lighter body.

And the beliefs and ideas and expectations and attachments? Yes….sigh…there is more letting go there too. 🙂

I know this place. Standing on the threshold of a grand adventure. I choose to travel lighter for this leg of the journey and so I am practicing letting go. I want to keep emptying my self out so that I can become a clearer vessel that Life can move through.

So patience and gentleness are the orders of the day as we wait without waiting for our leaves to fall effortlessly, while the new reality, the vast potential of the new Human Story continues to be born through us.


Only Sacred Moments

All the great sages and mystics tell us that in truth there is only really this present moment. The Present NOW is where the past and future dissect and is our most powerful point, possibly our only true point of influence.

What we do, say, feel , think and Be in each moment is where we are in ‘control’ if we choose to be, in this beautiful experience of Life, where so much often seems beyond our control.
The mind often wants to look at the big picture, at the present and past and so often the picture is distorted by our experiences, our interpretations, our fears; the mind is not always to be trusted as it deletes, distorts and generalises information. This is why we continue our journey of unlearning: so that increasingly what we perceive with the mind is a clear reflection of what is actually happening.

Only bringing our awareness to NOW trains our mind to become our servant and not the master of our human experience.
Remember who or what it is that is observing and witnessing the antics of the mind! Or at least keep asking who or what is witnessing this movie of my life.
Remember that you are the director of your movie. Every time you return to the present you are moving into the role of a movie director creating a movie based on your highest potential rather than based on limiting experiences of the past. Draw consciously on the experiences that you choose and be open to the possibility that perhaps all experiences serve us in some bigger way beyond this human story.

Today is a new day. What we do and who we are today is where the opportunity lies. Do with each moment as you choose, but know it is a sacred, precious moment that maybe you will never get the chance to experience or influence again.

May your day be only sacred moments. Namaste


4 Archetypes of The Sacred Masculine

The Magician knows the ways of Magic. he knows that what we perceive with our 5 human senses is just the tip of the iceberg. His words facilitate healing and transformation. He knows the ways of natural holistic healing incorporating mind, body and soul. When he lays on his hands energy transmission may move the recipients body in dramatic way. He knows how to create the right conditions for healing. He is a catalyst.

The Lover lives from an open heart and Loves all of Life. He knows that Love is not about one person but is a way of Life. He shares his Love freely. He knows and understands the Divine Feminine because it moves freely through him. He is in service to Her and his pleasure and joy is found in meeting her needs. He knows how to be tender and vulnerable as well as strong and holding and in so doing he opens woman’s heart.

The Sovereign stands in his own power. He follows his own inner guidance system and knows that to live outside human laws he must live from a clear integrity and honesty. He lives by universal laws and is wise and fair. He knows he is a servant to Higher Sovereignty He is not afraid to sacrifice his own personal needs at times for the greater good. He rules his own inner kingdom knowing that it the way he lives his life is of paramount importance. He leads by example.

The warrior understands courage and speaks his truth even though this may at times cause conflict initially. He is not afraid to fight for what he knows in his heart to be right. A warrior is no stranger to fear; it is his constant companion as he steps time and time again into uncharted terrain. He feels and honours his fear and yet it does not hold him back. He is not afraid to fight in order to protect the women and children and those who need his courage and strength.

The Sacred Masculine is humble and knows that he is a work in progress. The sacred masculine IS rising…