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A Deeper Love: Conscious, Romantic Twin Flame Relationships.

This kind of conscious romantic relationship is not for everyone…

But, if you really want to know love and peace, then it is the ultimate tool—life is the workshop!

The real purpose of a conscious, romantic relationship is to facilitate the inner marriage of the divine masculine and feminine principles within us.

We do this to transform our inner selves from its fragmented state—a state which will be largely the result of childhood wounds and trauma, to a place of unity and to bring us home to… Read More at Elephant Journal

Featured Contributor

Miguel Dean walks the path of the sacred masculine. He is a writer, blogger, speaker, catalyst, poet, and author of his latest book, Bring Him Home: A Twin Flame Love Story. He was born in 1968 in Colchester, England. For many years he has worked empowering youth but now works more to bring union and balance of the masculine and feminine in adults. As well as his writing his passion for his divine union work also manifests in his Sacred Masculine one to one healing sessions. He is a catalyst, a seer and walks the path of the Sacred Masculine. You can see more about Miguel on his website or Facebook page.