Activating the Christos-Sophia Codes of the Golden Rose Stargate

Glastonbury June Solstice Four Day Gathering

Hosted by Anrita Melchizedek and Tamra Oviatt & co-created with 21 amazing facilitators

20th – 23rd June 2019

We invite you to join us in an amazing four day activity of Light as we activate the Christos-Sophia Codes as sacred Flames of Divinity through the Golden Rose Stargate and into our Golden Hearts, amplified through Glastonbury Tor, the heart chakra of Mother Earth over the June Solstice, in co-creation with 23 amazing facilitators.

In this sacred year of 2019 we are drawn ever deeper into the Heart of Mother/Father God through Soul embodiment and the New Earth Templates, as our Rainbow Light Bodies and Plasma Crystalline Diamond Light Bodies come online, and the Sacred Masculine Rises to the Invitation of the Sacred Feminine to connect through the Golden Heart of Unity and Love. As we experience the June Solstice, the Christos-Sophia codes of the Golden Rose Stargate ignite through the Milky Way Galaxy, the Galactic Centre, and through the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun into the Inner Sun within our Golden Hearts. We are drawn into a celestial dance of Power, Love and Wisdom through the inner alchemical marriage of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes, energetically expressed through the merging of the Andromedan and the Milky Way Galaxies, into what we call the Golden Rose Galaxy. As the Light Codes of the Golden Rose Stargate activate, and as we deepen into this portal of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, the kundalini and tantric channels ignite, we create our torroidal fields of Light and auric stargates and “unfurl” the twelve Golden Petals of the Golden Rose through our loving hearts, amplified through the heart chakra of Mother Earth, the energy of the Tor. We further honour our bodies as Temples of Light, as Chalices of Light, as we create the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life around our bodies and energy fields, activate our Rainbow and Plasma Crystalline Diamond Light Bodies and come ever deeper into holding the Flame of Divine Love for all Life upon this sacred earth.

Sharing, evolving and expanding our gifts, we gather as the Wayshowers, Priests and Priestesses, gods and goddesses, Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light, Galactic Councils, earthseeds and starseeds through the heart chakra of Mother Earth at Glastonbury Tor at the time of the Solstice.

We are experiencing the New Earth Templates and walking the Path of Divine Love, the Path of the Rose, as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.

We invite you beloved Light Tribe to join us in sacred Glastonbury over the summer Solstice as we activate the Christos-Sophia Codes of the Golden Rose Stargate and return home. And so it is.

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The four day tickets are £150.00 and one day tickets are £40.00

We look forward to meeting up with you all in person, for we are the Voices of the Light Tribe.

Blessings and much Love

Miguel Dean – Sacred Masculine

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