Events with Miguel 2019

How to Achieve Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine within Me

December 8th 2019 6.00pm GMT

This online event is for women and men who are interested in:

facilitating further healing and balance of the inner marriage of their divine feminine and masculine in order to step into their sovereignty

manifesting an intimate relationship but recognize that they still carry unhealed patterns and fear from past relationships

dissolving inner child and mother / father wounds to return to a deeper peace and self love

a commitment to intimacy, connection and love but are currently struggling with a romantic relationship

developing and deepening their Sacred Masculinity (for men)

Miguel will open the webinar by sharing his own journey toward inner union and also read a piece or two of his sacred masculine poetry / prose

Then it’s your turn!

You are asked to bring at least one question with you. These can be sent as a written message during the event or asked in person if you choose the audio option.

It is essential that each participant brings a question as this will be the main focus of the webinar.
And please remember that since we are all living different versions of the same story, every question asked and answered will hold some important information for everyone present.

Your investment is £11.00 only

PayPal me here to confirm attendance and receive your Zoom link to access the Webinar:

Or message me if PayPal is not an option for you.

Please share with your friends who may also be interested in a the healing transmission that will be present through this meeting of hearts ♥