Are you ready for a beautiful and powerful life enhancing experience?

Then come to the heart chakra of the world and enjoy a life enhancing, powerful Sacred Union retreat experience (for men and women) with Miguel.

I moved to Glastonbury in April 2020 and immediately felt at home. The magic began as soon as I committed to my relocation. The way my home, here in King Arthur’s Court, came about, felt like a welcoming gift from the Lady of Avalon! My knowing is that she invited me to come to bring some balance to the powerful feminine energy of the place with some of the Sacred Masculine energy that moves with and through me.

So after taking some time to arrive and settle more deeply into the land I am ready to start hosting visits and retreats (for 1,2 or 3 days) so that you can have a bespoke magical adventure that will be part of you for ever.

Your itinerary will be arranged through an initial meeting (video or audio call) so that your perfect, experience can be created. Although my preference is for an understanding of your specific needs and desires, so that we can make some plans. I work intuitively too, so there will be space and flexibility to honour the natural unfolding of your experience in the ebb and flow of the Glastonbury heart chakra energy.

This is what Anthony said after his retreat:

“The Sacred Union retreat struck me as the ideal opportunity to explore the root of my inner turmoil and its outward expression. I could no longer break-out of or endure my entrenched behaviours that were causing pain to myself and those around me.

I had been receiving Sacred Union Mentoring from Miguel for several weeks prior to the deciding to go on the retreat. The mentoring was working its magic; I gained insights and explored how the little boy in me continued to dictate my thoughts and behaviour.

I grabbed the opportunity to go to the retreat because of the safe, immersive space that was offered and the enhanced ability to receive wisdom from Miguel. I saw this as the next pivotal stage in my journey.

I can’t discern what was best from not-best. Each individual component made up the whole. The food, the walks, the meditations, the chats, the wind and the rain…

The transfer of wisdom was the best ‘thing’, but this was done over the entire course of the retreat. Miguel’s style of non-judgemental advice, holding space and firm truths really made it possible for me to face uncomfortable aspects of myself and transform.

I would recommend the Sacred Union retreat with Miguel to those that need a potent catalysing force to help their healing journey. Having extensive one-to-one time with Miguel is not only nourishing and enlightening, but also profoundly transformational. For me, things will never be the same! Thank you Miguel.”

Your time with me will primarily be focused on facilitating the healing and balance of masculine and feminine within, healing mother / father wounds, inner child work, achieving divine union with another, relationship (twin flame) challenges and embodying sacred masculinity. Glastonbury provides the perfect back drop and locations to catalyse this sacred union work. These are some of the many options available for you:

  • Chalice Well Peace Garden sacred ceremony (divine union)
  • The Tor sacred ceremony (sacred masculine)
  • Meditation in the Mary Magdalene Chapel (sacred feminine)
  • Commune with the tree spirits of Gog and Magog and the Avalon Apple Orchards
  • Enjoy the diversity of the unique Glastonbury cosmic / hippy shops (books, herbs, potions, crystals, clothes and much more)
  • Relax and go deep with a Foot Blessing sacred ceremony
  • Experience the gentle, safe, holding of a Sacred Union Mentoring conversation, out under the sky with cacao
  • Witness the miracle of the Starling murmuration! (winter months only)
  • For those staying for a while we can visit stone circles and other local sacred sites like Tintagel castle, Dartmoor and St. Nectan’s Glen (waterfall)

There are many wonderful accommodation choices (AirBnB) in and around Glastonbury.

For the duration of your stay you will be my guest for lunch and dinner and I will prepare delicious, healthy food for us in my home. The energy in my home is clear, relaxing and safe and people often comment on how healing it is.

Costs will be agreed on a mutually agreeable basis though I usually suggest £333.00 per person for 2 days.

This is what Richard said after his retreat:

“I have been working one to one with Miguel since Christmas. I saw an advert in the Glastonbury ‘Oracle’ and knew he was the right mentor for me. In the months that past, I saw the development of his new venture and thought it would be an excellent opportunity to go into retreat, and deeper into my issues.

What I like about Miguel is that he is no ‘guru’ (except for in the kitchen). In my one to one work and time with him during the retreat, he let me find the answers within myself to solve my issues. During the retreat we used intuition, the elements, signs and synchronicities in order to guide the way. Miguel is not the type of person who proclaims that his way is best, he works with you to find your way. Miguel is more of a supportive figure who offers advice at the right time, and gently nudges you if you are off compass.

My retreat was a magical and nurturing experience. We visited the sacred sites that Glastonbury had to offer in order to provide our answers i.e Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well Peace Gardens, White Spring (from the outside), Wearyall Hill, Goddess Temple, Mary Magdalene Chapel, Druid Trees of Gog and Magog, and the Avalon Apple Orchards. Miguel provides sanctuary during the retreat by allowing you into his spiritually energized home, and provides you with lovely healthy food for the duration. Miguel is a great cook, and I really enjoyed the food he prepared for me. The nature and the magic of Glastonbury provide everything else you need during your retreat.

Miguel made sure that I scheduled my retreat so I could take part in the Avalon men’s circle in order to harness the masculine energies (a big part of Miguel’s work). This was an experience within itself, and something which is not normally accessible where I live. I would recommend taking part in the men’s group in order to fully deepen your experience.

I was most impressed with my retreat with Miguel, the amount of love, time, and energy put into the few days was fully worth the money I paid.

Highly recommended….”

Use the Contact form here to get in touch with Miguel to find out more and discuss your own Sacred Union Adventure!

And just to remind you of who I am and what I am about here is a recent testimonial that I am proud to share with you to help you decide if I am the right companion for your Glastonbury experience:

Miguel Dean – Testimonial

I am writing in support and honour of Miguel Dean as a mentor and energy healer.

Although I initially met Miguel as a friend, my experience of knowing him has been quite profound in a healing sense. As I also have a professional background in supportive roles, it feels right to offer a testimonial about Miguel’s presence in my life and his work in the community that I have witnessed so that others can access his care.

When I met Miguel in summer 2020, I was healing from the trauma of narcissistic and domestic abuse. As such, opening to trust was a process that needed much courage, skill, stamina and patience on both of our parts. I was struck by Miguel’s quite meticulous attention to detail in our relating and particularly noticed his suggestions and requests that I choose my words carefully when sharing the stories of my life. Miguel encourages care when speaking, as his learning is that the way stories are shared can amplify intensity; concretise unhealthy perspectives and/ or emphasise victimhood for instance, depending on how we speak about our experiences. I felt that this care around words can be especially important for survivors of ‘gaslighting’ and other forms of emotional abuse.

Describing Miguel’s healing practice is not simple, as his approach is subtle yet powerful. He works through relationship and talking and I am aware of a sense of him bridging the personal and transpersonal dimensions simply through being fully present and listening carefully. It seems that this steady presence he brings offers a profound permission for the whole truth of who we are to be shared and witnessed. As a UKCP registered psychotherapist, I can see and feel that Miguel is a deeply and naturally person-centred practitioner, who fluently enters the frame of reference of clients and then anchors and validates them with a strong, clear masculine holding. Through this approach he builds and deepens security and trust over time.

As a shamanic practitioner I can also say that Miguel’s reverence for Celtic spirituality and in particular the divine masculine nature gods (Cernunnos, the Horned God, Herne the Hunter) makes him a potent, living bridge and channel for the energies of an ancient Earth-honouring way of life. In his presence I have experienced memories of a time where women were safe and respected. I can now remember a world where men walked with all of life as lovers, friends, fathers and protector spirits.
Miguel’s greatest strength as a healer, in my experience, is his deep compassion, patience and gentleness. Many times, whilst in his company, I have found myself spontaneously weeping and healthily releasing trauma. Without any doubt that I can say that Miguel Dean is a genuine and natural healer. He is wise enough to not interfere with the natural flow of healing that arises in life when we are deeply and sincerely present and humble enough to allow the divine to work through us.

A kind and generous man.

A brave soul forged in adversity.

A channel for ancient masculine nature gods.

A friend to women and vulnerable people.

Thank you so much Miguel Dean for all you are.’

– T.Love December 2020

Use the Contact form here to get in touch with Miguel to discuss your own Sacred Union Adventure!