Sacred Union Mentoring Video Demonstration

Introductory Information from Jenn (the Client):

We begin with me laughing because genuinely I adore this man. Miguel asked me via email to think about a trigger or something I’m struggling with. It’s interesting how when this question is asked, my answer is unique. I had forgotten that in his original interview, Miguel’s initial struggle was losing his Mom and his Auntie. I’m grateful I just go with my gut.

My youngest daughter Tavin is technically Dane’s daughter and her biological Mom died when she was 2. Part of my parenting struggle is in her resistance to letting me in, but acknowledging that we’re not as close as she’d like. Miguel recognized that MY mother could have been great, but was dealing with her own story. The baggage I carry is that I wanted a Mom who wasn’t available. With Tavin SHE wants a Mom who she isn’t close to, so it’s an inverted situation. My desire to parent her with love is thwarted by the burden I carry – that Tavin represents my inner child. She is a physical representation of my own little girl. As a result, I parent with diplomacy, distance and I seem more strict than I feel due to my emotional distance. The fact that she’s also the youngest with a considerable age difference means she’s an only child in a huge family and really, we do need to rewrite how we do things on multiple levels.

Now that I’ve had this healing session, I’ve felt relief and unloading of the tension I carry inside myself. Bringing issues into the light out of the darkness – as Miguel says – is an enormous step in the process and vital to moving forward. I need to remember to Mother myself and shift my parenting by untethering myself from my baggage as a child to JUST BE a better Mom. The Journey IS The Destination.

Introductory Information from Miguel (the Mentor):

This is real live demonstration of a Sacred Union Mentoring session with Jenn (The Naked Podcaster Jenn interviewed me earlier in the year and asked if I was open to doing a live session with her. There was no rehearsal and I did not know what Jenn would want to explore. Whilst it was not initially the usual focus on twin flame / intimate relationship with self and others it did develop into this field, unsurprisingly because everything really arises from our relationship with ourselves. With Jenn the focus on her relationship with her own inner child emerged about half way through the session when the light bulb moments began to arise.

I would like to thank Jenn for her courage in being filmed and sharing this raw and vulnerable session which I feel is why she so deservedly has claimed the title of The Naked Podcaster.

My intention in sharing this is to give an idea of how a session might look / feel so as to inspire others to schedule a session so that I might similarly shed light on what is causing you discomfort and negatively impacting your relationship with self and others.

Contact Miguel with any questions and to schedule your session now.