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Wow! Intense Energetic Times !

Okay, put your hands up if you have been experiencing some extra weird stuff going on recently? It seemed to move to a whole new level with the Equinox Full Moon. Wow that was intense! My head was pounding and felt like it was full of pressure, I was freezing cold and had severe nausea in my stomach. And a feeling of fear was present. Not a fear of anything in particular but just fear, like a child being scared...

Strength in Softness

The further you travel this path, this journey back to Love and Truth the more paradoxical everything seems to become. My experience is that that the doorway Home is through the heart. I heard many years ago that the greatest journey that we shall ever make is the journey from the head to the heart! How true!: When we were innocent children we lived from our hearts and the world taught us that it was not correct or safe to do...

Re-wilding Miguel

  I am growing my hair  I love feeling the wildness of the wind in my hair when I am out walking. I am re-wilding my Self. I am feeling the land, the earth in my bones. I am allowing my true nature to rise again beyond the suppression that society  imposed on me.  I have Celtic blood in my veins.  I have the heart of a warrior.  I am returning home.  I AM. One Love. x