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The Language of Love

The Truth is we all speak the same language but most have forgotten how to speak it. Feeling is the universal language of humanity that is spoken by the heart and body. The greatest journey we will ever make is from the head back home to the heart!! This takes courage for on this journey we may have to feel every thing that was not felt fully from our human story. But the prize is great because as we arrive back at...

Youth Mentoring On the Front Line

For the last 20 years part of my service has included working with disadvantaged teenagers. There are millions of them in this country. I guess we are all a product of the environment in which we were raised and since society is pretty insane and dysfunctional then so are our youth to varying degrees.:-( Yesterday I felt like I was running on empty. I know people deal with much heavier stuff than me and my heart goes out to them....

Re-wilding Miguel

  I am growing my hair I love feeling the wildness of the wind in my hair when I am out walking. I am re-wilding my Self. I am feeling the land, the earth in my bones. I am allowing my true nature to rise again beyond the suppression that society imposed on me. I have Celtic blood in my veins. I have the heart of a warrior. I am returning home. I AM. One Love. x