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Loving Your Inner Child

Yesterday I was interviewed  for the powerful Illuminated Man Summit which is all about Rites of Passage and authentic masculinity. The last question that he asked me was one which I have been asked before but for some reason it touched me extra deeply and I found myself momentarily engulfed in a wave of emotion and my eyes teared up. He asked me:: ‘If you could go back into the past and visit the boy Miguel, with what you know now, what [...]


Gratitude, Grace and Feeling

Do you ever feel so full of gratitude and awe at the miracle of this Life that it feels as if you will burst from the vibrating pressure of white fire that burns within your chest? Do you ever marvel at the magic and beauty of these senses that we have been given to experience this miracle of creation? When was the last time you really, fully tasted the flavours and textures of a delicious piece of chocolate as it shifts [...]


Do you understand the true nature of twin flame relationship? 

Twin Flames ‘Do not be fooled by Her sweet, alluring smile or lulled into a false sense of security by the kindness of Her gentle voice or the shy glances from Her pretty eyes. She is a Siren and Her most precious gift to you, will be to entice you on to the Ocean of Love, to set sail, innocently unaware of the hidden secrets beneath Her sometimes calm and sometimes tempestuous waters. The delicious curves of Her Goddess like form will [...]