Healing and Transformation for Men

Miguel’s Journey to Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Within

It took me a while to admit to myself that I was embodying the twin flame union ; a new kind of man that might be able to contribute to creating a more beautiful world. This Sacred Masculine presence is in stark contrast to the old masculine paradigm which seems lost to itself and is largely responsible for the suppression and subjugation of the Divine Feminine energy and women. This imbalance has in turn resulted in a humanity that appears to be suffering and lost.

It seemed like too much responsibility for me to put my hand up and say ‘Yes, I am the embodiment of Sacred Masculinity’ because I am very much a work in progress. You see there was a part of me that was still self-absorbed and just wanted to play small and hang onto the last remnants of my self-indulgent and escapist addictions.

But after my mystical experience in Glastonbury on The Tor and the transformational energy of The Goddess Conference in 2018 it was clear that something unusual was working through me. This appears to be the result of a certain level of union, balance or marriage between the twin flame of my inner divine masculine and feminine.

On returning from Glastonbury I began receiving messages from women about how they had experienced powerful healing energy transmissions which affected them in different ways, through face to face meetings at the conference, my videos or blogs (some of these comments are recorded on the For Women page of this website) .

I was baffled at first and my ego had a field day but gradually things began to settle. As I looked at the patterns and listened to what women reported it became clear that my energy had been upgraded and that it was to be used to catalyse the facilitation of healing of the inner divine masculine and feminine in order to heal the relationships between man and woman.

When I look back over my journey I can see how all the dots join up and how everything was leading me or preparing me to serve in this way.

I am blessed to have arrived in this place and am ready to share the methods, practices and insights which incorporate spirit, mind, body and emotions with men who also wish to come home to their true twin flame divinity.

There is a wave of these men awakening now and I am humbled and honoured to part of this ascension and rising back to our true sovereignty.

If you want to read all about Miguel’s inspiring journey from homeless beggar to Sacred Masculine you can buy a personally signed paperback, audio or kindle copy of his raw and vulnerable autobiographical self help book ‘Stepping Stones In The Mist – life lessons for overcoming adversity’ by clicking HERE

Transformation and Healing for Men

Because of his own journey through the dark shadowlands of the mind and back into his heart and body, through his Healing Heart Conversations, Miguel can guide and inspire those men who are ready and have the courage to return to their hearts. Through his support – and by feeling that which has remained unfelt within their bodies, men will undergo a conversational rite of passage to facilitate their transformation; thereby enabling the rising of their Sacred Masculinity and nurturing of their Divine Feminine. This rebalancing in turn facilitates the alchemical twin flame union within and results in a return to peace and sovereignty.

Miguel is also increasingly being asked to bring his energy and presence to:

  • Speaker engagements around Rites of Passage, Divine Union and Sacred Masculine
  • Holding space / leading men’s circles
  • Facilitating Sacred Masculinity workshops / Ceremonies / Rites of Passage

To contact Miguel about any of the above: Click Here

Feedback From Men

‘My Healing Session with Miguel has allowed me to discover and express parts of me that have been deeply buried through the fear of shame and judgement. Miguel has provided a loving, compassionate and safe environment for those parts to be expressed. The witnessing and recognition of those parts has been the key to healing. This has allowed my true self to be expressed and for me to find confidence to trust that self. Thank you Miguel.’

D. Green 2019

“Another inspirational talk from Miguel! He has a way of conveying his thoughts experiences and insights directly from his heart to mine and, clearly, to the hearts of the others in the group. Love and compassion radiate from his eyes as he ‘holds’ the energy of the group tenderly in his care. His Inner Light shines so brightly that you cannot help but be beautifully touched by it. Oh for a few more Miguels in the world!!!”

P. Janke 2017

“I was in a workshop lead by a guy called Miguel who’s mother died when he was seven months old. It wasn’t just about what he said but it was the way he spoke.  He had done a lot of work to integrate and bring some healing and meaning to this wound and when he spoke of it as an embodied experience that he carried all the time, I saw through what he was saying and I started to see within myself that the mother/me (we) symbiotic relationship that I should have has as a child was damaged and a lot of what I was trying to achieve externally with my spiritual path and what I projected this wound onto internally became coherent. At this point I knew, I understood, it became clear. That part of me that had been exiled all those years ago so I could survive could come home. I became in that moment, my own internal Goddess, my own mother. It was a transcendent moment and it changed me.  What’s better is that once this had happened I started to recover body based feelings and emotional memories. A lot of this happened on the drive back home. I remember being left as a baby to cry for hours and I remembered being very hot and thirsty and feeling ill and I started to cry as I drove along and the noise I made was like a newborn crying. All this stuff coming to the surface after all these years. Blessed be!”

I. Palmer 2018