Healing and Transformation for Women

Miguel’s Story and the Energy of the Divine Feminine

When I look back over my life I can see how everything has been leading, guiding me to a place where I am ready and able to serve the return of balance between the masculine and feminine on earth.

It seems that we are all here to some extent to recognise the absence of love and experience separation so that we are primed to set out on our Hero’s Journey through life which is in effect a series of rites of passage for the soul. These initiations as we grow are about returning to connection, love and oneness (from which we never really left) and the recognising of our divinity as well as our humanity. For some reason, which I don’t currently remember, my soul decided to incarnate into a family situation that would ensure that I would embark on this journey home to love with fierce motivation. And so the scene was divinely orchestrated so that eventually there could be no doubt what my life mission was.

My mother left her body when I was a seven month old baby and so I experienced a mother’s love for a short while. Then all of a sudden that love was no longer there which I know caused a huge trauma to my young self. I was looked after lovingly by an aunt for a year and then taken from her when my father remarried and the family were reunited. This was the second time that I had experienced a mother’s love only to again feel the sharp loss of it. I was about two years old at this time. Just to make sure that my inner compass would be set to seek the truth of love my step mother left me, in a way, as she gave birth to her own son, who was the apple of her eye and myself and my brothers and sisters took a back seat and experienced growing up in the Cinderella complex.

As an adult man I sought the love that I wanted through my romantic relationships with woman. This invariably ended in much pain and confusion mainly because my inner child was in the driver seat much of the time and it would invariably become a relationship dynamic of boy and mother.

Over time I began to realise that what I was searching for externally would not be found and through a series of dark nights of the soul I began awakening to the truth that what I was seeking, lay within me in healing my inner child wounds and growing a strong connection with my own divine feminine energy. Gradually the inner boy learned to be at peace and the man in me returned to take the rightful place as his sovereign self. This journey, combined with a growing reverence and honouring of the Goddess or Divine Mother, meant that a powerful sacred twin flame reunion of divine masculine and feminine energy was alchemised within me.

Despite some initial resistance I knew I was ready to step deeper into service of twin flame reunion by the reactions and experiences that women were having in my presence, through my videos or written words. Also I became aware of a deeper peace, a soft strength and an increase in spiritual / mystical experiences. So here I am through the fierce grace of love I am ready, willing and able to deepen my commitment to the service of the Divine inner twin flame union through my work with men and women.

It is time for Divine Feminine energy to be honoured and remarried with Divine Masculine energy so that the alchemical twin flame Divine Union can take place. I believe that this is a fundamental piece of the jigsaw that will create a more beautiful world for the children and generations to come so that they may once again live in heaven on earth.

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Transformation and Healing with Miguel

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Messages from women affected by the Sacred Masculine energy that moves through Miguel

‘Miguel I’m not sure why but I feel I need to share something with you, hope you don’t mind. I have over the last few days started releasing pain from a wound that, I was kind of aware was there from my childhood. I have done some healing around it previously but I believe that the truth in your words the other day kind of drew me right into the wound and has allowed me really to sit with and feel the pain and release so much and then the ‘be the love you never received’ I hadn’t realised how that childhood situation had affected my whole life really, how did I not know? Anyway thank you Miguel there is such a humbleness and truth in your words that I’m sure they are facilitating healing in many at this time.’


‘Wow! I can’t stop crying. I feel like I’m flying and exhausted at the same time. I wanted to watch the rest of the show where you spoke before I said anything else and then I was drawn to a music piece you shared and wow again even after being sore frim hiking I had to dance. Much has happened to me and it has something to do with you I guess? Feeling blessed having you in my energy.’


‘Hi, I just saw your talk with Jeff cloud in the weekly show on Soulogy! I connected with every word you said and what Jeff said of course. I don’t know if it was your words or if it was your energy but I felt a connection in the area of my belly button. There was something about your energy that made me feel peaceful and hopeful that there are men who are awake and want to get rid of their ego based programming! Most men are so lost and confused especially around women. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do, thank you for setting the tone for men, to go inwards, thank you for being YOU!’