Bring Him Home – A Twin Flame Love Story (Personalised & Signed Paperback)

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Bring Him Home – A Twin Flame Love Story (Personalised & Signed Paperback)



This is the intention that underpins the sharing of this true story:

‘May the energy of this story be a catalyst for
healing the deep wounds between men and women.

May we have the courage to look inside ourselves and do our work so that we may realise the divine twin flame union within.

May we learn to father and mother ourselves and take care of our inner child.

May we remember what it is to love ourselves, each other,
all sentient beings and this sacred earth, for ourselves,
our children, and the generations to come.’

Back Cover Synopsis

Life had caused their paths to cross once before, but it would take the magic of synchronicity to reunite them.

When a charismatic author is divinely guided to meet the woman of his dreams, his immediate attraction to her transcends her physical beauty. Very quickly their minds, hearts, and souls become utterly intertwined as the two lovers embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery to unite the divine masculine and feminine energies held within. Their electrifying passion, combined with powerful kundalini energy and courageous vulnerability leads him to a place, unlike anything he has ever experienced.

Plagued by a series of failed relationships and inspired by the depth of his feelings for this enigmatic woman, he pledges to purge himself, once and for all, of his fear to love and be loved by another. Their sacred union, while tumultuous is oftentimes stunningly blissful and mystical; a catalyst to heal the deep wounds that he had carried for too long.

Will his commitment to love be enough to BRING HIM HOME?

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‘This book helped me truly understand what was happening to me in a relationship. Twin flame relationships do occur and you will feel completely different in those relationships and honestly it’s quite terrifying and difficult. I got this book from my mom and it pulled me out of a very dark place after a twin flame relationship. I was so grateful to have an understanding of my emotions and I even contacted the author personally to thank him! This book has an incredible impact! It was like reading a book about myself. It was actually kind of scary for a second ha ha. It was also nice to read a book written by a male and discussing vulnerability in relationships. That really helped me not feel so alone. I totally thought I was going crazy feeling all these things I never had. Amazing book! Must read!’ James G
‘In these times of “division”, there appears to be the perception that Male and Female are against each other.
If you feel that this is the case, and you would like to learn about, and share, the beautiful Union of the Sacred Masculine with the Divine Feminine, I highly recommend this exceptional book.
Miguel Dean’s account of his personal experience – his fears, vulnerability, passion and ultimately his incredible strength and love for a woman, will take you through a journey of healing and growth. It is a beautiful gift for a loved one in so many ways.’ Kathy R
‘Bring Him Home is a beautifully written book that honors both the journey of the masculine and feminine that we are all on. I truly enjoyed reading a masculine’s perspective on this crazy and beautiful journey..the dance of the twin flame relationship. If you feel that this is a part of your path, than this is a must read. The author is absolutely authentic in sharing his experiences of the fears, passion, triggers, pain, love, and amazing growth that awaits anyone willing to walk this path. You will find yourself amongst these experiences. I am so grateful that he chose to be vulnerable enough to share his journey as an open book to help light the way for others walking a similar path.’ Michelle W
‘I absolutely enjoyed the book- Bring Him Home- What a powerful articulation and journey within itself, the story- one of which I have experienced in my own path, The way the author navigates through the incredible passion and scenery, i felt so immersed at times as if i could feel and smell the landscapes he created. It activated so many feelings as i read it and i am truly Grateful for the sharing of this “real” look into this very realm of connection in this manner that many of us have shared , endured, and found great solace in.’ Jake B
‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Love is always tricky, the author’s willingness to explore the spiritual and physical journey of his characters offers a fresh new perspective. I found his vulnerability refreshing and authentic. A great read for anyone who’s ever felt that inexplicable connection with another.’ Anonymous
‘A powerfully written, intimate and honest sharing of the challenges that are inherent in the twin flame journey and spiritual awakening process from the perspective of the divine masculine. If you have found yourself thrust upon the journey, this is a powerful validation and reassurance that you are not alone.’ Leslie B
‘A beautifully crafted conscious love story, a rare gem. Pure, powerful, and passionate. Much appreciated. _()_
‘What a beautiful, honest, powerful read. The author shares his amazing journey in a way that is so raw and vulnerable, it will stay with you when you’ve come to the end. Really beautiful ❤️’ Anonymous
Thought provoking and deeply inspiring. I really appreciate this book. I am so glad the author wrote it. Thank you.’ Netty M
‘Love the open and honest writing. So inspiring.
I’d highly recommend it especially if you have been or are in a relationship. It’s an eye opener.’ Mel
‘I loved reading this book. It captured my attention right from the beginning so I read it very quickly. It was lovely to read the perspective of the Masculine and was very raw and vulnerable.’ Jenni R

“This book is beautifully written. I have never read or experienced love making so exquisitely described, in a hundred different ways, as this book relates; so tender, respectful, erotic, and at times emotionally painful.
A deeply evocative story, universally experienced and understood by many of us, as another version of our own story!
Thank you for unhinging me in relation to passed failed relationships and showing me a way through to resolution with empowered responsibility, in what it is that is mine to do. The book has helped me to be grateful for the learning and loving in all that was. It shows us how to enable our futures to become more conscious and loving and that pain is often the deterrent which we must break through. Thank you for capturing, this journey, in its minute step by step return to self.” Margaret

“Like the secret doorway in Being John Malkovich, this epic love tale takes you straight into the long lost tender heart of the Scared Masculine and he’s coming home!

A tantalizing blend of wild erotic, primal passion and painfully brutal, emerging shadows and wounds; leaving you to wonder if this Man & Woman will finally SHOW UP for each other, united in the alchemical fires; as ONE.

A deeply raw & honest read in which you may even recognize as your own! At some point we’ll all be called upon to take Self Responsibility (Sacred Marriage), yet who is truly ready to become an alchemist of their own life?!!

This book represents LOVE IN ACTION! ” Camilla T

‘He was already aware that the fire of love is sometimes fierce and ruthless in its burning away of the false through conscious relationships’.

“The author writes with unusual candour about his passionate and stormy relationship. His vulnerability is rare and engaging, I was carried along as he shared his mistakes and learnt through heartache to heal wounds sustained from his childhood. This is a story that feels as though it is written from the heart. It is honest and compelling, I couldn’t put it down and read it within 24 hours!

A highly recommended, touching and inspiring read.” Lauren S

“A beautiful story of love and self-discovery…
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Love is always tricky, the author’s willingness to explore the spiritual and physical journey of his characters offers a fresh new perspective. I found his vulnerability refreshing and authentic. A great read for anyone who’s ever felt that inexplicable connection with another.” Janie W

This book by Miguel Dean is an authentic rescue journey from the essential remembering of the necessary balance between the complementary masculine and feminine energies. In addition to pointing out the wounds of the male and female, it also gives me hope in the possibility of a healthy encounter in a partnership of love, respect and growth.
In a time of advent of the sacred and divine feminine, this work of sweetness and raw truth draws crucial attention to embrace harmony with the sacred and divine male. Isabel A