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Letting Go

So The Autumn is here and the trees remind us all about letting go, as they begin to let go of their leaves. They know that although their branches will be bare for the winter that the spring will bring a new reality and new growth.

It seems that I am in a perpetual state of Autumn these days. There is always more to let go of.

It seems increasingly that this journey home is so much more about letting go than adding to. I guess it makes sense to keep lightening the load as we journey deeper and deeper into the inner places, the spirit, magic, realms.

I have just let go of my part time job. It is an autumn leaf that I needed to let go and make space for new life to grow.
My heart was no longer in it and space is needed for the new that is rising in me.
I shall finish my third book and have more space for writing and this calling to serve the sacred union of divine masculine and feminine will be nurtured and tended.

There will be webinars before too long and group gatherings in the spring perhaps.

And my body continues to purge and cleanse itself, letting go of old energy, toxins, emotions that no longer have a home in this increasingly lighter body.

And the beliefs and ideas and expectations and attachments? Yes….sigh…there is more letting go there too. 🙂

I know this place. Standing on the threshold of a grand adventure. I choose to travel lighter for this leg of the journey and so I am practicing letting go. I want to keep emptying my self out so that I can become a clearer vessel that Life can move through.

So patience and gentleness are the orders of the day as we wait without waiting for our leaves to fall effortlessly, while the new reality, the vast potential of the new Human Story continues to be born through us.

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