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Judge Not

Homeless Beggars? (Judge Not)

Do you ever wonder how I came to be down here;
I have a good tale to tell if you have time to hear.
My story’s much the same as yours, of that I am sure
But at the same time it’s different, maybe not quite so pure.

You see when we’re cut we all bleed,
All suffer when victims of greed.
I too hide secrets of stories untold
And I shiver when the nights turn cold.

Believe it or not we were innocent children once
We also had dreams of love and romance.
But the road it got twisted and windy and dark
And now home is a doorway with a view of the park.

So pass me by in your hurry, your haste and your rush
But don’t be embarrassed you don’t need to blush
You see I see you, and I know you see me,
As you make your way blindly back home for your tea.

I’ll get enough money to get what I need
Some food, a hot drink or some booze or some weed.
After all one day we will all disappear
You make your choices and for now I’ll stay here.

And anyway whose choices are best, yours or mine?
I’ll smoke my herb and you sip your posh wine.
You see we’re all travelling a journey, tryin’ to find the way
And my clothes may be dirty and my face may be grey

But deep inside my centre there’s a small shimmering light
It’s the same light you feel when you wake in the night.
You see we’re not so different you and me
I chose the sky and the streets, you chose debt and TV.

So next time you see me from the corner of your eyes
Pause for a moment, you may get a surprise
Because what you will find if you dare let it be:
In my eyes you’ll see you and in yours I’ll see me.

Miguel Dean


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