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Go gently when you find yourself in a grey inner landscape and the beauty of the earth feels separate and distant.

Go gently when the one you opened your heart to cannot be there in the way you would like them to be.

Go gently when you find the days and nights blurring together and it feels as if you are an invisible ghost that wanders alone observing a world that you are no longer a part of.

Go gently when you find yourself in the doldrums and there is no wind to fill your sails for you are asked to move slowly and gently on this deafeningly quiet ocean and know that a soft breeze is already on its way to you.

Go gently when you find there is nothing to do, when all that you clung to to create the illusion of purpose, meaning and validation slips away and there is only this deep, infinite moment of now.

Go gently when your inner child feels tender and uncertain and just wants to be held.

Go gently when your heart yearns for connection, intimacy and communion with yourself through another.

Go gently when the dull ache of emotion seems too much to sit with and all you can do is hold yourself with as much presence as you can muster.

Go gently when your mind speaks of your lack, your wounds and your flaws as if they were something to be ashamed of.

Go gently when you feel discomfort in your body as old energy, old stories, old feelings are purged and leave to uncover the love that you are.

Go gently as you learn to father and mother yourself with the kindness and patience and the grace of unconditional loving.

Play the soft music that is a balm for your tenderness.

Walk with father sky, and with mother earth and perhaps rest a while and allow her to hold you …gently.

Share your vulnerability with those that see you, that can meet you where you are and that care for you for they will remind you of the loving sun that resides within you even when the clouds obscure the light.

Feed your body and mind and soul with that which nourishes you most.

Go gently for this is what is asked of you for now.

The time for doing will come, as certain as day follows night, but for now we are learning to go gently so that this gentleness may also infuse our doing.

For now go gently like the lazy river that meanders its way back to the ocean.

It takes strength and courage to move in this way. To move with such faith that all is divinely orchestrated and that moving gently on our journey home means that we are already home.

Life is so Sacred.

Let us go gently…



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