The Sacred Masculine Is Coming Home And Is Already Home…

The Sacred Masculine Is Coming Home And Is Already Home…

The homecoming of the sacred masculine doesn’t just mean that men are becoming more conscious, that they are making the journey back home to the heart and to feeling. It’s about men and women finding balance with our beautiful minds and hearts that are pristine diamonds beneath the layers of conditioning and misinformation and lies that have led to unhelpful beliefs about ourselves and this world of form.

Most of my clients in my Sacred Masculine Healing Sessions are women and for the most part they are healing and transforming the wounds of their own inner masculine. Generations of being let down, abandoned, abused, dishonored and violated has left some deep wounds. But woman often leads the way with her courage and as she heals her divine masculine aspect of the twin flame within this has a profound impact on the collective of men too.

Men and women have both been lost to the truth of who we are. We have both suffered and projected and developed toxic and distorted strategies to compensate for our pain and sense of abandonment and separation. Now is the time for balance and unity.

There is change amongst the community of men too. I am connected more with brothers who are doing their work and their light is shining brighter. I am doing my work, I am facing my shadows daily and as we each do this, these seemingly small steps make an unquantifiable difference to the whole.

Every great journey begins with a single step. Remember that you are so much more than you can comprehend with your mind. Death and birth of these bodies is just a drop in the ocean of potential and the Truth of The Great Mystery. Everything happens for your highest good. Look within. Don’t project onto others. Don’t take stuff personally. Stay centred and be at peace. Make love your center and not fear. Relax. Enjoy the ride! Don’t give yourself a hard time for having a hard time. Find the blessing hidden in plain sight of every occurrence. This is IT! The journey is the destination. There is nowhere to arrive at but here and now in presence. You are a spark of The Divine.

‘All is well and all manner of things shall be well!’

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