Home in Avalon

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Home in Avalon

So it seems a little odd that amidst a global lockdown when the majority of people are staying put I find myself undergoing what feels like a big and hugely significant move, a transition and a homecoming. It seems a little surreal but never the less here I am!

Just before lock down I was in Glastonbury to celebrate the Spring Equinox which was my way of compensating for the change of plan in which I had thought I would be marking this sacred time by commencing my Divine union pilgrimage on The Camino in Spain.

A possible place for me to land in Glastonbury emerged from my Equinox visit but it soon became apparent that it was not meant to be. I decided that I would take action and get the ball rolling toward finding my new home and so I wrote a short post for ‘Glastonbury – A Place To Live’, Facebook page. I had heard that it was tricky to find accommodation as there were many more people who want to live in this magical place than there are places available, so I thought it might take a while and it would be good to have somewhere in place for when lock down was lifted.

I had been staying with an elderly friend and had been helping and caring for her in exchange for lodging but I always knew that this was a temporary stepping stone. When The Camino plan changed it just moved forward the decision to be in Avalon where I felt there was a sense of belonging, community and a need for what I can offer.

I choose to call it divine orchestration as within forty eight hours of putting my post on Facebook I had viewed and agreed a moving in and tenancy agreement with the landlord (while adhering to social distancing guidelines). A ‘stranger’ messaged me about a flat she knew was vacant and I was swiftly connected with a good man who is my new landlord. I have a beautiful, open plan attic flat with wooden beams that create all sorts of triangles and pyramid geometry in my ceiling. From the front window is a view of The High Street and a huge church. From my kitchen window I can see The Tor and from my bedroom are The Abbey Ruins.

It all happened so effortlessly and in flow and in addition I learnt some interesting information about the previous tenant. I would like to honour my brother here who sounds like an extraordinary man. He has been described to me as a beautiful embodiment of the divine masculine. He left his body as a result of cancer but before he went I have heard of the mazing healings and energy work that he facilitated in the space that is now my home. I feel blessed and very grateful to be able to continue his work.

What is going on in the world still feels pretty surreal and I know that for the most part, the most significant contribution is to continue emerging as best as I am able into a daily renewed best version of myself and this guided move to Glastonbury has been part of this. When lock down is lifted I feel I will be able to hit the ground running though I confess I don’t really know what that will look like yet. I just know that I have been pulled here, maybe it was She that called me!?

A few women who embody the divine feminine energy have said things to me like:

‘You suit The Tor.’

‘You are here to anchor.’

‘You belong to The Tor.’

‘So you have finally come home!’

I don’t pretend to understand with my mind what they mean but it feels right be here and now. It is something to do with the balancing and bring into equilibrium the Sacred Masculine and Feminine energy. Of all times it feels right to be here now because it seems that when lock down is lifted we will be emerging into the New Earth and we have a choice as to who or what it is that emerges. How do we wish to show up? What will we bring anew and what will we leave behind that no longer serves us?

Everything changes, everything is changing and when we are in divine flow it can happen effortlessly. These are the times we are living. Though things may seem dark on the surface there is a bigger divine plan at work and all is and shall be well. We drop deeper into faith and trust and surrender and honour the divine feminine and in this way we continue to ‘walk each other home.’

Home is where the heart is and for now and the foreseeable future Avalon (the heart chakra of the world) is also my home. I wish you love and blessings from my heart home to your heart home where ever you are on this beautiful, sacred planet in these extraordinary times.

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