Coronavirus (Another) Wake Up call For Humanity

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Coronavirus (Another) Wake Up call For Humanity

When I look back over my own personal story I can see clearly that every crises in my life was also an opportunity. It was a kick up the ass to alert me to the reality that I was not living in alignment with Love’s intention for me to realise my highest possible potential. Pain and crises is always a wake up call, a flashing red light and siren to bring our attention to the fact that we need to change direction , that we need to start doing things differently if we are to experience heaven on earth rather than hell.

When we don’t heed the warning signs of Love’s gentle nudges the severity of the nudge increases, we experience greater degrees of discomfort and what was initially a gentle nudge becomes a kick ass nudge. This is how Love guides us when we have the understanding and awareness of the true nature and purpose of our soul’s expansion and our human journey through the realms of duality back to Oneness and realignment with Source.

Humanity seems to have been moving through an adolescent stage of development for quite some time now and the crises of this pandemic is an initiation, an opportunity for us to wake up and grow up!

Coronavirus is no surprise to me, not because I am a prophet but because my own journey has taught me that the degree of pain and suffering will increase until we see from a higher perspective, that we are responsible for our own experiences once we leave the nest and make our own way in the world. And our individual actions and degree of responsibility affects the collective. Everything is connected and if we see life from a higher perspective it’s easy to see the patterns, the recurring themes and to join up the dots.

The stark reality is that the writing has been on the wall for some time. There are many prophecies that have predicted that this time on earth will be a tumultuous time, a time of massive changes and a time of chaos. People will easily fall prey to the fear of current events when they don’t understand that chaos and pain are a gift, an opportunity to birth something new; a different way of being and doing. We are all responsible for the coronavirus to some extent because we have all acquiesced to varying degrees to living lives that are not in alignment with the natural laws of connection, unity, responsibility, honesty, compassion, integrity etc. This virus is an invitation to put our humanity before our economies to put people and the well being of all life before materialism and to return to our true nature, that for the most part has lain dormant, anesthetised by the insidious drip, drip of the media, global corporations and puppet governments led by boys in men’s bodies.

Carbon emissions, environmental crises, humanitarian issues like the refugee crises, gross inequality and poverty are all indicators that we are out of alignment, that we have got lost and that we need a stark change of direction. And if this weren’t enough to wake us up the Cambridge Project at Cambridge University states that the “greatest threats” to the human species are man-made; they are artificial intelligence, global warming, nuclear war, and rogue biotechnology.

There are different opinions on the origins of Coronavirus but it is undoubtedly to some extent a result of not living in alignment with the laws of nature whether directly man made and created at the biological warfare research centre in Wuhan or not. It doesn’t matter in many ways where it originated from because in the bigger picture it is the result of a humanity that has lost touch with it’s true nature, with the sacredness of life and the awareness that everything is connected, that humanity is one organism and the planet and the universe are also part of life’s web of interconnectivity.

“We need hard-headed pragmatic idealists willing to understand the depths of human depravity and heights of human wisdom. We need serious, coherent, and integrated understandings of mega-problems and mega-opportunities to identify and implement strategies on the scale necessary to address global challenges”, says the Conclusions of the Millennium Report. I personally am not convinced that people like Boris Johnson and Trump fall into this category!?

But we the people have forgotten just how powerful, we as individuals are. Coronavirus is yet another wake up call to humanity, the alarm bells of the current global challenges keep getting louder and louder but the vast majority of humanity just seems to have put their fingers in their ears! A natural development of awakening consciousness is that you begin to hear what Love is saying, you begin to see the bigger picture, you cease to view everything through the lens of the egoic personality and you begin to inner-stand the true nature of life, consciousness and the realms beyond the ever changing doors and windows of perception.

This situation invites us to think of others rather than just ourselves and see that the virus is showing us just how connected we all really are. We are all cells in the one body of humanity. How we act now will impact significantly on those around us. Perhaps this is one of the key lessons of coronavirus because this is always true, it’s just not always quite so apparent. It’s as if the virus is making the invisible visible.

Hopefully it will all blow over in a couple of months with a minimal amount of human suffering but the key question is what will we learn from it? There is no doubt that it is highlighting the fragility of our economic model and the unsustainability of our current way of life and it remains to see how world leaders will respond as they look back. I am not terribly confident that they will notice or read the writing on the wall and if they do I am not sure that they can read the language of Love that it is written in! But in the mean time we empower ourselves, we do our inner work, we live from love, not fear and we ‘be the change that we wish to see in the world.’

We do what we need to do in the present moment. Be sensible, be safe, as it’s important that we operate from the levels of effect as well as cause. I shall continue my own practises. I meditate because stress and fear are conducive to weakened immune systems, I exercise and spend time in nature, I eat a natural diet focused on a balanced PH with lots of alkalising foods because viruses can only live in an acid environment and I have begun taking turmeric and Manuka honey to boost my immune system further.

And for me another gift of this global crises / opportunity is to deepen my commitment to being the best version of myself possible. There are many ways to do this and mine is through integrating and balancing the divine masculine and feminine within as this is a road map to travel from duality and separation to oneness and unity which is how consciousness is raised and we awaken so that our increasingly bright light can shine out like a light house to guide others away from the rocks and offer safe passage home to others into the harbour of Love.

My hope is that this pandemic will be the final alarm bell needed to wake up humanity. I believe it is all unfolding as it is meant to in the divine plan. Either everything is sacred or nothing is and I believe that this Covid-19 is also sacred.

Stay connected to each other and to Love; don’t buy into the fear. NOW is a good time to wake up and remember who we are…

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