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Fire, Earth and Darkness

Last night four friends gathered, as they do four times a year, and made their way through the woods as the last of the daylight faded.
They arrived at the round, natural hollow in the earth amongst half a dozen yew trees and prepared their fire.
The sacred space was honoured and the fire was lit.
They sat in silence for a while, alone and together with their thoughts and feelings while the darkness wrapped itself around their backs.After a short while the first of the friends broke the silence to speak of what was alive in them and what was asking to be shared.
The other three listened in silence.
When the first was done a short silence ensued until the second of the friends was ready to share. This continued until all four had spoken their truth and shared from the deepest place inside.
No conversation, no comments just heart felt listening and silence.
All the time the fire crackled and flickered, fed occasionally by some wood added to the embers and flames and the yew trees watched. Alchemy weaved and caressed them while they sat on the cool damp earth.
When all had spoken they shared a few words and gave offerings to the fire before making their way back out of the woods to share some food and warmth and mulled cider.
In three months time they will meet again.


Male Suicide and the Divine Feminine

At different points yesterday I found my mind wondering about the suicide of my homeless friend Rem and I saw the connection with the feminine, the heart, the feeling centre.
Rem was loved by many folk but he could not feel it. I can relate to this. When we are young and our needs are not met or we suffer trauma, we build protective layers around our hearts to protect them from feeling more emotional pain.
I think of these walls as made of ice and and all the unexpressed emotions that we were not able or capable of feeling at the time.
So we live in a world where the heart, the feeling centre of most people is encased in ice, frozen and inaccessible to varying degrees.
For me the heart is the throne or home of the divine feminine but for too long She has been locked away in this self made prison inside the hearts of men and women.
The ice prison bars protect us to some extent from feeling more pain but unfortunately the bars also prevent us feeling Love that is given freely by people that care about us.
Rem could not feel the Love because of the bars he had unconsciously created around his heart. If he could have felt the Love maybe he would not have taken his life.
My heart was also in an ice prison for much of my life but by the grace of God I realised that I could begin working to dissolve the bars. This is the journey back to the heart that we each are invited to take at this auspicious time in humanity’s story. This journey on a macro level is the pledge to restore the Divine Feminine, to her rightful throne. As each of us make progress on this journey to our own hearts we affect the collective and take more steps towards a new earth built on the foundations of Love and Truth and pure masculine and feminine principles.
This journey is not for the feint of heart because as we set our intention and walk the road back home we will initially feel everything that was not felt before. As the ice bars melt the old ‘frozen alive’ feelings are released and we must have the courage and awareness to know how to feel these feelings which are often intense, especially when we have been numb for so long and are so unaccustomed to know what it is to feel acutely.
For me Rem’s story is symbolic of the journey that man is invited to embark on at this time, back home to the heart, to honouring our feelings, to have the courage to feel the full spectrum of emotions that are part of the miracle of this human experience.
And this journey is not just for men but for women too. Perhaps it is just more of a challenge for men because we were often given even less permission to feel as boys growing up.
Melting the ice bars, feeling again, coming back to life,. walking each other home, courageously feeling what needs to be felt, remembering that not only are we all worthy of Love but that we are always Loved and in actual fact Love is our very essence.
Now is a good time for the sacred masculine to fully embrace the divine feminine, to set her free from the prison where she has been for too long and in this way there will be less and less stories like Rem’s until one day these stories will all but be forgotten.



Divine Feminine Moon

So here we are again you and I fair lady of the night.
Again you have slipped into my bed naked save for your silvery splendour.
What is it you want from me?
Why is it that you cast your full glance upon me
And insist I do not sleep but instead that I lay awake with you?
What kind of Lover are you
That you come and go from my bed as if it were yours?

Speak clearly now for you have my full attention.
My mind, body and soul are yours and I need not give permission
For you will do with them as you please.

These restless tides are yours that carry me beyond the shores of my mind,
In search of distant lands that I do not know.
On the oceans of Why and How and Perhaps you cast me adrift,
Seemingly never to reach a place where answers lie.

But, for tonight, you shall have your way with me.
And we will make strange Love again,
For I really have no choice.
Yes I will lie with you now,
And again when the time comes,
For one thing is clear:
I am yours.


Young People are the Future


Today I spoke to the secondary pupils at Maple Hayes Hall Dyslexia School. The title of my talk was: ‘It’s not what happens but how we choose to respond that counts.’ I wanted them to know that despite (and perhaps because) of their challenges with reading and writing etc they can still lead happy, loved and successful lives. Thank you Jackie Tweedie for your repeated requests to the head teacher to get me in to talk.

It’s hard to say how it went but I know I gave it my all and I hope that some of the things that I shared will stick with them. I know my heart felt very open as I looked around into the eyes of so many young people.

With dyslexia they will have their additional challenges as if life isn’t tough enough for young people already. I keep hearing about the massive increase in mental health issues amongst our youth and on Radio 4 while driving to the school there was an interview with a 9 year old boy who was depressed and said he saw no point in living. What is going on??! He said that he asks himself the big questions like ‘why are there wars?’ and ‘why aren’t people kinder to each other?’ My suspicion is that these larger issues, that young people can see no solution to are having a massive detrimental effect on their well- being. It makes me a little sad.

Young people are the future. The extent to which we invest in them now will determine the future of humanity.

One Love x


Healing Heart Conversations

The words in the image above describe well the kind of conversations that I am increasingly having, particularly with women. Sadly it seems to be rare for a woman to experience what it is to be held in sacred space and have a direct experience of divine masculine energy moving through man so that she can open, release and heal, in order to then blossom and flower and step into her full radiant power.
Holding space means being listened to deeply, with a still mind, devoid of judgement and in this heart space a sweet, healing energy transmission takes place. This is often felt emotionally or sometimes physically as well as the clarity of mind that arises through the words shared. It is a time for preparing the soil and the planting of seeds.

I am a fence that will surround and keep you safe while we explore the sometimes tender transition from caterpillar to butterfly. This may be one Healing Heart session or a series. The fence will remain as long as it is needed.
The truth is that we are always on a journey of transformation. Perhaps it is only in the death of these bodies that we truly become a butterfly or perhaps life just becomes increasingly full of butterfly moments. Or perhaps we are always caterpillars while we are in these bodies but we know in truth we are butterflies too!

There is a reLOVEution of the spirit taking place. And so we are being asked to step into our fullness and die to the old stories we have been carrying for too long. We do this work for ourselves but more importantly for the children and the generations to come. NOW is a good time for rebirth. Now is a good time to awaken to the Love that we are. 🙂

The paradox is that in talking about what we don’t know we begin to see and know. If we are going to talk and disturb the beauty of silence then let’s talk about the beautiful, tender, bitter sweetness of this human experience.


Authentic, Sacred Masculinity

Let’s talk about authentic, sacred masculinity. Because talking is the beginning, then comes the doing….
There is an inner compass within each man that will guide him on this path if he chooses to walk this way.

When we consider that the majority of key players in shaping the way society and the world game has evolved were and are men you have to question whether this is the best we can do?
What if there was another type of man? What if there are aspects of masculinity that have been diminished and suppressed and hidden? What if some of the shadowy less beautiful aspects of the average man are the results of suppression and distortion?

Of course the current planetary situation is also due to the suppression of the divine feminine. When the masculine and feminine principles and people are not equally honoured and in balance things will go out of Kilter. It is time for She to rise again and be seen and witnessed and elevated to her rightful place on her throne beside the sacred, loving masculine.

If the sacred and more conscious, loving, courageous, authentic is arising within me then why would it not also be happening in many other of my brothers across the planet? Of course it is. I am reminded of this by my conversation with Todd Medina on Soulogy last night.

Big changes often start with an idea, a thought and then conversations happen and this is the beginning of the alchemy from unmanifest to manifest. Now is a good time to walk our talk; to get shit done.

And now is a good time to have the courage to return to the realm of the heart where we can feel and set free all those emotions that we were taught as young men to hide and deny. ‘Emotions that are buried alive never die!’
When we decide to regain our sovereignty we embark on our hero’s journey that is not for the feint of heart.
Will it hurt? YES at times….and if we drop the mind we will feel more and more that ‘it hurts beautifully.’
Feel, purge, purify…
As we descended down into the feeling realms we also ascend.
Now is a good time to for rising, for stepping up for the children and all the generations to come and all sentient beings in the seen and unseen realms. Aho!