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Regardless of whether our consciousness resides within the form of a man or a woman, both are a swirling, spiraling blend of masculine and feminine energies which can be illustrated as a three dimensional yin yang in perpetual motion, expanding and contracting and in one moment fixed and rigid as stone and in another translucent and formless as smoke.

Masculine energy can be equated with structure and framework. It is pro-activity, often linear and logical, that ensures that our basic needs are met; that we have a roof over our heads and food for the table. It arises through doing and when it is clean, true and in alignment with the human experiences that we came here to have, then our thoughts, words and actions are congruent and there is an ease to it’s maintenance.
Feminine energy is different and I have heard it alluded to as that which makes life beautiful. It can be likened to creativity, constantly birthing the new from moment to moment in myriad forms and expressions of love and the divine. I have seen it explained as the rose using the structure of the masculine trellis to reach for the light.But for me this is not entirely the full picture.
There is something that is not seen and honoured in this metaphor of the feminine rose and the masculine trellis and that is the sacredness of emptiness and space. What makes a trellis the perfect accompaniment for a rose to climb up and reach for the sky, are the spaces between the lattice work.
Yes, the rose is a beautiful and an accurate symbol of the potential of woman as embodiment of the divine feminine, in the unfurling of her delicate petals and the exquisite fragrance of her perfume. Yet all roses, whether the climbing variety or not, require some structure in order to flourish once they have arisen from beyond the veil into existence, even if that is just the most fundamental visible alchemical structures of earth, sunlight and water. And indeed, in order for there to be life, there is a fourth element which is invisible, but non the less just as essential as the other three, and that is air. The presence and quality of the air will also determine to what extent the plant grows and thrives. This apparent nothingness, this spaciousness is often overlooked, as has been the way with much of the value of the feminine, as a result of the prevalence of a wounded patriarchal dominance on our sacred earth.
So perhaps the trellis can be likened to masculine energy and the spaces between the trellis is the feminine. When there is just the right balance of structure and space between the framework of the trellis, then these are the ideal conditions for a healthy rose. In this duality metaphor we can go beyond and are reminded that ‘the whole is more than the sum of the parts and we see the healthy rose plant as the divine child. We may experience the divine alchemy that arises when masculine and feminine within us is in equilibrium.

At this time, as the human pandemic drama plays out, many of us have been given the opportunity to drop into a little more of the feminine energy of non-doing, of emptiness, of spaciousness; a time for introspection and perhaps reaching down into the darkness within ourselves like the roots of the rose bush seeking the nourishment of these dark, hidden places. Of course, if we dare to slow down and look we may not always like we what we see at first *. We may begin to feel that which we have been unconsciously or consciously avoiding, through our addiction to busy-ness and our lack of faith that life is the ever benevolent mother and that we will always be taken care of when we live in alignment with Her ways. If we choose to take this opportunity, we can clear and transform so much, so swiftly, as these are the times when that which is not in alignment with love and truth is being revealed and dissolved in the light of consciousness rapidly, on a personal as well as a collective level.

The current dissolving and crumbling of patriarchy means that there is room for more feminine spaciousness. Nature abhors a vacuum but it is a mistake to feel that the arrival of space means that we should fill, what is actually a sacred opening, with more doing. Allow spaciousness and emptiness to rush in and see these qualities as tangible and precious.
The trees need space to reach into the sky and for their roots to travel underground. If the trees are planted too close together then they will be impaired by the lack of nutrients and light. An arrangement of musical notes requires spaces in between the notes to create a beautiful symphony.

We need space too.

When our need for doing does not also include times of non-doing our actions rarely achieve as much as when there is time to reflect, rest and integrate.

Rest on the land when you can and allow Her to hold you, embrace each other. She is calling and if you sit or lay quietly with her She will catalyse, reveal and transform so much through the subtle, gentle pulse of her healing vibration, as it moves through Her and arises from the stillness within you.

As the wise proverb says: ‘Life is so short, we must move slowly!’

Be a trellis. Take this golden opportunity to honour the feminine energy so that you might balance these elements of the divine masculine and feminine within you. Be the structure AND the spaces between and see what beauty, peace and magic arises from this alchemy. 

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