Time to Love Our Bodies

Time to Love Our Bodies

Just about every woman that I have known has issues with her body image. ‘My hips are rather boyish, my breasts are too large or too small or too saggy, my hair is the wrong colour, too thin or too curly, my belly or my bum is too big…’ and the list goes on.
Body dysmorphia.

So many girls and women (and boys and men) are suffering with mental health issues and eating disorders etc because of how they believe that they are not beautiful just as they are.  I recognise this because I carry some of this wound too.  Perhaps we all do!?

So allow me to be bold enough to say that every woman’s body  is a mystery, it is something sacred, incredibly alluring and beautiful.  All bodies are sacred.  All Life is sacred.  And it is new Life that is birthed through the miraculous body of woman.

Yes we men are programmed to varying degrees to notice the fashion magazine like features: the long legs the pronounced curves, high cheekbones and large eyes but we also know that this is just a thin veneer. We also know this is just programming.

Once we go beyond the visual, the constraints of our human animal senses, there is so much depth to be appreciated and enjoyed from our other senses and that which is beyond. There is often a conflict that when we lay with a woman we want to keep her at arms length so that we can see her and yet at the same time we want to be so close so that we can feel, smell and taste her.  These senses do not discriminate based on how she looks. These senses are enjoyed by man to a large extent, by the degree to which woman accepts, loves and honours her own body. Also to the extent that man is at peace with his own body image and is committed to opening his heart and surrendering to divine union through transcending vulnerability and giving himself fully to her.

It is possible that the mind will only take us so far. So what then? Is it possible that the body is perhaps the doorway to the divine? Is it possible that through the body we shall return home, embracing our primal, human fleshness!  This is why most religions have worked so hard to keep us away from loving our bodies and made a big thing about ‘sins of the flesh’?

Woman’s body is a portal, it is a miracle, regardless of what shape or size it is. Her body is the temple of her sacred Heart. She is Love em-body-ed!!  We are all sparks of the Divine.

Now is the time to come home.  It is time for men and women to lay down their weapons.  Time to end the war of the sexes.  Time to remember who we are.  These bodies of ours are just temporary clothing.  These genders that we so cling to are also fleeting.  How many lives have you been a man and how many times a woman?  Everyone has been wronged.  Everyone got lost.  The doorway home lies through the heart.  The heart resides in the body.  It is time for us all to honour our bodies and as a man I ask my brothers and my sisters please remember this.   The Sacred in me recognises the Sacred in you.  Namaste…

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