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Your Lover Awaits Within You

So much of what we are exposed to by the world is topsy turvy, back to front and inside out.  Perhaps it would be simpler to live by the rule of thumb that if the predominant message, for example, is that to enjoy life you need to go up, then you probably need to do the opposite, to go down!

If the predominant message is you need to work harder, you probably need to do the opposite, work softer!

And so if we want to find our lover, our twin flame, our soul mate, perhaps we should look within instead of everywhere else!

We are born into a world that insists that we should live from the outside-in, which means that if we want to have something or experience something we need to find it externally and add it to what already exists within us.  Whereas my life journey has brought me to a place where I now fully realise and surrender to the truth that if I want to find, experience, be the love that I am, then I need to look inside and my romantic relationship needs to begin within me.  Love awaits me inside and actually the only thing that I need to do is to cease looking externally for someone to complete me and instead allow all that is not love to dissolve within me so that I might realise the love that I am.

So what do I mean by allow all that is not love to dissolve?’

This is fundamentally about shadow work. It’s about shining the light of consciousness internally so that we can reveal the aspects of ourselves or experiences that we are not fully at peace with or in acceptance of.  It’s sometimes helpful to work with a trusted healer or therapist on this because it’s not always easy to see these aspects within ourselves as our minds may do a good job of concealing them in the shadows through denial or other means.

But as we have the courage to revisit our traumas with consciousness, compassion and awareness and begin to feel that which we were not able to feel fully at the time of the trauma, the energy begins to be released and transformed.  And as this old energy leaves the body we begin to become more alive, we can feel the full spectrum of emotions more fully, though we don’t attach to them as much, as we observe our minds and emotional state from a Higher Self perspective.  As the emotional residue, as blocks to the flow of energy are removed, we once again have access to the flow of source energy, we are connected with all of life as we move away from duality and separation to oneness and connection.  As divine energy flows through us we realise more and more how ridiculous the idea is that the primary source of love could be experienced by a romantic or life partner!

What is usually alluded to as love in our current society is actually co-dependency.  Generally when people think that they are in love, what they mean is that they really enjoy being around another person because of the way that they make them feel.  We confuse and value these ‘positive’ feelings so much because this feeling is alien to most of us because we haven’t been taught how to feel this way about ourselves.  In actual fact we have been taught that loving ourselves is to be avoided at all costs because that would be arrogant or conceited or big headed.  But to love yourself in a humble, all embracing, self-accepting way is actually a significant and essential step in finding and merging with the lover within, divine union of our masculine and feminine, yin and yang complimentary opposites .

However there is such a strong pull to keep seeking love through another, partly because this is the story told over and over by the world we live in and also because love is confused with procreation.  We are spiritual beings and animals and the animal aspect of us may be drawn to copulate with a member of the opposite sex in order to secure the continuation of our lineage but this has little to do with the divine essence or state of love.

This more primal behaviour and energetic pull is not be mistaken with the search for the spiritual state of being in, or just being, love.  To come home to the love that we are it is imperative that we totally stop looking outside ourselves to find completion.  Someone else is not going to complete us.  We are and never were, only half of something or someone.  We are totally complete unto ourselves, we always have been and always will be, it’s just that the world teaches us that we are not enough as we are, that we need to do something else, achieve something else or be with someone else to know peace and love, but this is a lie.

When we fall in love with ourselves we fall in love with The Creator because we are one and the same.  We are simply sparks from the divine fire of consciousness.  As a drop of water is contained in the ocean, so is the ocean contained in a drop of water.

If we want divine union, if we want to fully realise love then we have to stop looking outside.  Maybe it is time for a period of celibacy.  Maybe it is time to romance ourselves.  Maybe it is time to visit those dark places within ourselves that we had desperately hoped we would never have to go because someone else was going to make us happy, when we just found that right partner, that had always been so elusive!

The good news is that in those dark places we will always find treasure!  The mind just obscures the light and makes them appear to be dark but in those shadowy places we will find the keys to unlock our sovereignty and our full magnificent beauty and power.  So much energy is consumed through the effort of avoidance, addiction and distracting ourselves from facing our shadows.

Our lover is and always has been waiting for us.  All we need to do is stop looking outside and shine the light of our loving awareness inside.  Be guided by our internal compass, allow our feelings to inform the directions we take and the decisions we make; use the sharp sword of discernment that we have left sheathed for too long and if in doubt ask ourselves ‘what would love do now?’

When we fall in love with ourselves we fall in love with the world and we only see love in all its myriad disguises and forms.  And who knows when the divine timing is right we may even find another human being to share our state of love with, someone we can allow our over flowing cup of love to wash over and into.

Your lover is awaiting you within.  Will you heed the call?


A Plea to Woman from the Sacred Masculine

Dear woman please do not hide behind the veil of the perceptions of your external physical beauty, for what is it but the momentary beauty of a rose that will wither and wilt as the autumn months bid fair well to summer.  Your true beauty lies within and  I do not wish you to be sad, to feel that you are less than and feel that your worth is ebbing away as your maiden years fall away.

Remember that what we have been programmed to recognise as external female beauty has been cultivated by patriarchy, by men who originally chose to disempower you and disguised this as fashion; these glossy magazines and media images are untruths that keep you from revealing the depth of who you truly are.  Do not be constrained by the prison bars of these lies for I see beneath the shapes and contours of your divine feminine form whatever shape it may take.

By all means honour yourself; take your time in front of the mirror to enhance the beauty that you are for a beautiful painting is always enriched by the frame that surrounds the artistic creation.

But know that your true magnificence shines and emanates from every cell of your being when you can embrace all of who you are in whatever form Creator has gifted you.

Do you know the deepest allure that a woman can hold?  It is the allure of vulnerability.  The courage to reveal all of who you are; your shadow and your light, for in this embrace something magical happens and your presence becomes magnetic and the fear that resides in me is transformed in the fire of attraction to your essence and I am a willing moth to your alchemy flame.

When you can embrace your darkness and peel away the layers of armour weight that you have worn for too long, the light that you are shines forth and I am bewitched by the magnificence of all of you.

Your jealousy, your pride, your fear, your anxiety that you are not enough as you stand now naked in the place that your life’s journey has brought you to, is the doorway to our union.

There is nothing that you need hide from me my love, for I see you because all these shadows are part of my dance too. When you accept yourself in your magnificently perfect imperfection then I can find you, I can reach you and we can merge as One.

Please take off the mask of nice and pretty and polite that perhaps you have forgotten you wear, since you have worn it for so long.  Good little girls,  nice girls cannot feel the depth of my love and adoration.  I do not want your nice goodness.  I want your ugliness, I want your wrath, I want to see the darkness that resides beneath the contours of your delicate skin.

Lay down your weapons of denial and your quick tongue that seeks to defend and parries my every request to show your beautiful messiness to me.  Do not believe the commentary of your mind. These defensive justifications are not yours but were imposed on you by your absorption in a world created by ignorant men who have forgotten the sacredness of life and are fearful of the power and radiance that you are.

Dear woman please do not hide from me any longer.  Come and bring all of you to be with me naked. Come and be with me, my love, and let us remember who we are.


Bring Him Home – A Twin Flame Love Story

Sometimes you realise that there is something that you need to do or say that you can’t not do!   As soon as the idea arrived to write the story about my transformative twin flame experience I knew that I had to do it. I knew that I had a deep and rich story to share that might touch hearts.  I also felt that by sharing my story there was the potential to help people realise that we are, to a large extent, all living different versions of the same story.  What I mean by this is that we all appear to be subject to the same textures, colours and emotions of this diverse human landscape, they are all experienced in varying degrees and evoked by different scenarios and scripts that are perfectly in alignment for the highest evolution of our souls.

I have learnt that vulnerability is a super power and by sharing the stories of my life it helps me to embrace and honor all the different aspects of who I truly am. At the same time it gives others the permission to relax into imperfection and be okay with sometimes feeling sad, broken, lost and confused too. Societal norms suggest that we keep our shortcomings or weaknesses to ourselves but when we share our challenges everyone breathes a sigh of relief in the confirmation that it is not just them that struggles, gets things wrong and falls down at times. Self-acceptance is perhaps one of the most important qualities to put in our back-pack of tools and resources for the journey back home to self-actualization and union.

They say that relationship is the highest form of yoga and as I wrote I began to see that I wanted to share my experience that evidenced that this approach to relationship is true; that the deepest purpose behind intimate relationship is to know, honour, heal and love ourselves in order to actualize the twin flame divine union within.

As my profound transformation began to settle inside me a new clarity emerged as I wrote and I began to see clearly that this story had other value too. I saw that there was the potential for the healing energy transmission woven into the fabric of the book, to have the power to go beyond our personal stories and to permeate into the very essence of the sacred story of humanity. I speak of the big story which sees the end of duality, conflict and separation to the return of peace, harmony, union and Oneness.

I believe that my little story (as are all of our stories) is a microcosm of what is awakening all over the planet: men and women are beginning to lay down their weapons and come together with compassion and understanding to each do his or her own work in order to heal generations of separation and mistrust.

And as artists we play a significant role in this paradigm shift, in this re-LOVE-ution! In many ways the artist is a modern shaman because through music, art, words etc. he / she is able to bring information and wisdom from beyond the veil into consciousness and enable people to see and experience, that which previously was not visible. Once things are brought into the light of awareness the magic can begin to do its work and in this way to write, to spell words is a form of magic, to write from the heart, from a place of clear, loving intention is a medium for casting a powerful spell!

As Rumi the Sufi mystic poet wrote: ‘there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.’ I increasingly saw that my gift and ability to write was my way to kneel and kiss the ground.

So the more I relaxed into the alchemy and magic of creating this book, the more deeply my intention became clear that this story would be a healing catalyst to help bring about the divine union of man and woman.

This path of sacred union is the place that life has guided me to explore, as a result of wounds (or gifts) that I received when I was very young.  The culmination of my beautiful and at times painful relationship experiences, find their expression within the pages of this book.  I decided that not only would these pages be a prayer of gratitude for the sacredness of union with another human being but they would also be an offering, some possible guidance and inspiration for others doing their best to navigate this often challenging and yet highly rewarding terrain. It’s not that I claim to be an expert in realtionships (the following pages are testament to this) or that I have all the answers. On the contrary, I am not interested in telling the reader what to do or how to feel, rather, my aim is to show the reader how I felt in my experience, so that they may learn from it and utilize the lessons in their lives.

It seems that the divine twin flame union within each human and the sacred union of man and woman is a foundational shift that is beginning to take place on this planet.  If we are to create a more beautiful, peaceful and loving world for our children and the generations to come we need to learn what union and Love really is and part of this journey of remembering what love is, is discovering what it is not.

In many ways I see my life as a book that I am working on. I keep scribbling and writing, keeping some bits and discarding others that don’t fit or belong anymore. I have come to the point in my life where I have rearranged lines, pages, paragraphs and chapters so that now I am beginning to understand the story of my life and what it was all about. This life editing process is the culmination of what I share with you in the pages of this book and that the conclusion is that it’s all about love. We just have to have the courage and determination to set out on this incredible journey of discovery to experience for ourselves what love really is!

May this book shine a little light to illuminate your path back home.




The Time of Balance

The union of the twin flame divine masculine and feminine energies is NOW!

We are in eclipse season. The sun, the moon, the earth, light and shadow are all moving and merging in their cosmic dance and that dance is taking place within each and every one of us. The universe is inside us and we are inside the universe. Look at the word closely – the truth is often hidden in plane sight!
The Uni – Verse ~ Uni means One and Verse is the regular rhythm of a poem or song. The Universe is one song, one poem one dance with no separation. All is One and it is only the limitation of our senses that perceives separation. We live a paradox of separation and Oneness. That is why we came here into this awesome, miraculous diverse field of existence – to know both. By knowing, experiencing duality we can know One ness and the Universal dance that we are part of, that is in essence who we are.
This dance of the masculine and feminine is an integral part of this universal dance. It is what lies beneath, at the centre of everything, of All. The masculine consciousness and the feminine manifestation of life, the emergence into being, pure creativity birthing constantly. These are not gender bound but we take this male and female form to bring the play of the dance into form.
The feminine was lost, was hidden for many years and only the masculine energy was worshipped and so everything went out of balance. Without balance there can be no realisation of the truth of who and what we truly are. This feminine energy is rising and being realigned in men and women and the same for the masculine energy.
The balance is being restored and the disharmony between the masculine and feminine energy is over. We facilitate this return to unity in our hearts, in our bodies. As we remember to remind our inner child that he/ she is now safe and loved we can return to our divine sovereignty as man and woman living from our true essence of love, truth, compassion and knowing that we are all interconnected. That we are all One and as we do to another or the earth, we do unto ourselves.
The lover you seek, the peace you seek is inside you. Everything is inside you. Do not be distracted by the false promises of the lost societies that we are immersed in. Choose to immerse yourself in the inner kingdom, in the arms of Gaia and you will come home to yourself. It’s a wild and windy and rocky road at times but remember that the journey IS the destination. You are more powerful than you have been led to believe.
Allow the past, the old timelines to fall away. Do not fall prey to fear, to the old stories of your mind, turn down the volume of its dialogue that is like an over anxious parent wanting you to stay in the known. Have the courage to step into the unknown for it is there that treasure awaits you. Allow yourself to open to the possibility of peace and love and being Home Right Now.

I AM Safe. I AM Peace. I AM Home. I AM.

Now is the time of Balance. The Uni-Verse is conspiring to make this as easy as possible. Will you join the dance? Will you surrender to the music? Are you ready to come Home?


Time to Love Our Bodies

Just about every woman that I have known has issues with her body image. ‘My hips are rather boyish, my breasts are too large or too small or too saggy, my hair is the wrong colour, too thin or too curly, my belly or my bum is too big…’ and the list goes on.
Body dysmorphia.

So many girls and women (and boys and men) are suffering with mental health issues and eating disorders etc because of how they believe that they are not beautiful just as they are.  I recognise this because I carry some of this wound too.  Perhaps we all do!?

So allow me to be bold enough to say that every woman’s body  is a mystery, it is something sacred, incredibly alluring and beautiful.  All bodies are sacred.  All Life is sacred.  And it is new Life that is birthed through the miraculous body of woman.

Yes we men are programmed to varying degrees to notice the fashion magazine like features: the long legs the pronounced curves, high cheekbones and large eyes but we also know that this is just a thin veneer. We also know this is just programming.

Once we go beyond the visual, the constraints of our human animal senses, there is so much depth to be appreciated and enjoyed from our other senses and that which is beyond. There is often a conflict that when we lay with a woman we want to keep her at arms length so that we can see her and yet at the same time we want to be so close so that we can feel, smell and taste her.  These senses do not discriminate based on how she looks. These senses are enjoyed by man to a large extent, by the degree to which woman accepts, loves and honours her own body. Also to the extent that man is at peace with his own body image and is committed to opening his heart and surrendering to divine union through transcending vulnerability and giving himself fully to her.

It is possible that the mind will only take us so far. So what then? Is it possible that the body is perhaps the doorway to the divine? Is it possible that through the body we shall return home, embracing our primal, human fleshness!  This is why most religions have worked so hard to keep us away from loving our bodies and made a big thing about ‘sins of the flesh’?

Woman’s body is a portal, it is a miracle, regardless of what shape or size it is. Her body is the temple of her sacred Heart. She is Love em-body-ed!!  We are all sparks of the Divine.

Now is the time to come home.  It is time for men and women to lay down their weapons.  Time to end the war of the sexes.  Time to remember who we are.  These bodies of ours are just temporary clothing.  These genders that we so cling to are also fleeting.  How many lives have you been a man and how many times a woman?  Everyone has been wronged.  Everyone got lost.  The doorway home lies through the heart.  The heart resides in the body.  It is time for us all to honour our bodies and as a man I ask my brothers and my sisters please remember this.   The Sacred in me recognises the Sacred in you.  Namaste…


If You Come To My Door

If you come to my door then please leave your mind by the path on the garden gate.

It’s not that there is a problem with your mind, you have a beautiful mind, it’s just that it gets a little lost and scared at times.

Do not leave it by my door because it will bounce and jump, so that it can peak through the windows.

Hang it gently, tenderly on the gatepost as if it were your favourite bag with a box of eggs inside.


If you come to my door then take my outstretched hand for you are most welcome into this sacred space.

Let me take your coat and shoes and take a seat while I prepare you something warm and soothing to sip.

Show me with your eyes when you are ready to be held and I will wrap my strong arms around you so that you will know that you are safe and cherished.

And allow me the pleasure of nuzzling under the tumble of your thick brown curls so that I can breathe you in; your exquisite, delicate, feminine fragrance.


If you come to my door please allow me to prepare some food for us while you lay looking so beautiful on the sofa, and rest your sleepy body.

When our bellies are full let’s watch our spirits swirl and blend with the gentle, warm music and soft, cosy candle light.


If you come to my door then perhaps my body will dance and move for you as it has never done before and I will lay back when I am spent and watch your curves ebb and flow to the rhythm of your life’s passion for itself.

If you come to my door then perhaps you will also come to my bed. Perhaps I will lay my hands on you where they are moved to be or I will breathe into you the sacred Lover’s breath and allow the magic to pulsate, to move and tremble your open, physical form.  And the releasing, the transforming will be done with tears and laughter while a  deep reverence and gratitude for this human experience shall join us and watch in awe.

Then we shall lay together and I will caress your face allowing the memories and old fears to surface gently like rainbow bubbles whose time has come to burst.

Please come to my door for your love blesses me as it undoes and dissolves that which was never really me.

Your outstretched hand as I go to leave the bed says so sweetly and tenderly ‘don’t go my love. Stay a while longer.  I want you.’ Your wanting melts my heart and tears for all the unloved and unwanted parts of my self rise up.

And when we are done with our healing, our feeling, our letting go, then we will slip into a hot bath together to wash each other and feel the wet contours of these miraculous human lives. Frankincense and Lavender oil to anoint these sacred bodies that know and feel so much.

If you come to my door then know that I will miss you when you leave; even though we both know that Love can never really leave itself.

If you come to my door…