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Divine Feminine Moon

So here we are again you and I fair lady of the night. Again you have slipped into my bed naked save for your silvery splendour. What is it you want from me? Why is it that you cast your full glance upon me And insist I do not sleep but instead that I lay awake with you? What kind of Lover are you That you come and go from my bed as if it were yours? Speak clearly now for you have my full attention. My [...]


Meet Me On The Bridge

They met on the bridge and he held her tight and she held him. They were two as One and the earth span and the birds sang and the white clouds raced over the vast, blue, blue sky. When they were ready they walked over to the edge of the bridge and looked up stream at the clear water flowing, gurgling, singing gently to itself. They had made a pact. That they would surrender everything to The River of Life and [...]