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Divine Feminine Moon

So here we are again you and I fair lady of the night.
Again you have slipped into my bed naked save for your silvery splendour.
What is it you want from me?
Why is it that you cast your full glance upon me
And insist I do not sleep but instead that I lay awake with you?
What kind of Lover are you
That you come and go from my bed as if it were yours?

Speak clearly now for you have my full attention.
My mind, body and soul are yours and I need not give permission
For you will do with them as you please.

These restless tides are yours that carry me beyond the shores of my mind,
In search of distant lands that I do not know.
On the oceans of Why and How and Perhaps you cast me adrift,
Seemingly never to reach a place where answers lie.

But, for tonight, you shall have your way with me.
And we will make strange Love again,
For I really have no choice.
Yes I will lie with you now,
And again when the time comes,
For one thing is clear:
I am yours.


Meet Me On The Bridge

They met on the bridge and he held her tight and she held him. They were two as One and the earth span and the birds sang and the white clouds raced over the vast, blue, blue sky.

When they were ready they walked over to the edge of the bridge and looked up stream at the clear water flowing, gurgling, singing gently to itself.

They had made a pact. That they would surrender everything to The River of Life and let go to the Great Mystery beyond the doors of perception and the small puddle mind.

One at a time they carefully and compassionately took their fear and held it in their hands and looked deep into each others eyes. When they were ready they placed their fear on the wall of the bridge and turned to face themselves in each other again.

This time they took their love and tenderly placed it on the wall beside their fear. They had decided to let go of everything. Again they looked deep into each others eyes and without words said everything that they needed to say to each other.

When they were once again ready they stepped forward hand in hand and with their free hands they pushed their love and fear off the bridge and watched it enter The River and disappear momentarily before rising again and disappearing under the bridge.

They ran to the other side of the bridge and waited for love and fear to reappear so that they could bid them farewell and watch them disappear downstream.

After a long time and in no time at all love reappeared bobbing gently in the current but there was no sign of fear.

They watched silently as love dissolved into The River until it was no longer visible. Only The River remained.

They turned and faced each other one last time. Carefully he helped her up onto the wall before climbing up himself.

Holding hands they jumped.
As One they fell and disappeared into the water.

And the earth span and the birds sang and the white clouds raced over the vast, blue, blue sky.


Authentic, Sacred Masculinity

Let’s talk about authentic, sacred masculinity. Because talking is the beginning, then comes the doing….
There is an inner compass within each man that will guide him on this path if he chooses to walk this way.

When we consider that the majority of key players in shaping the way society and the world game has evolved were and are men you have to question whether this is the best we can do?
What if there was another type of man? What if there are aspects of masculinity that have been diminished and suppressed and hidden? What if some of the shadowy less beautiful aspects of the average man are the results of suppression and distortion?

Of course the current planetary situation is also due to the suppression of the divine feminine. When the masculine and feminine principles and people are not equally honoured and in balance things will go out of Kilter. It is time for She to rise again and be seen and witnessed and elevated to her rightful place on her throne beside the sacred, loving masculine.

If the sacred and more conscious, loving, courageous, authentic is arising within me then why would it not also be happening in many other of my brothers across the planet? Of course it is. I am reminded of this by my conversation with Todd Medina on Soulogy last night.

Big changes often start with an idea, a thought and then conversations happen and this is the beginning of the alchemy from unmanifest to manifest. Now is a good time to walk our talk; to get shit done.

And now is a good time to have the courage to return to the realm of the heart where we can feel and set free all those emotions that we were taught as young men to hide and deny. ‘Emotions that are buried alive never die!’
When we decide to regain our sovereignty we embark on our hero’s journey that is not for the feint of heart.
Will it hurt? YES at times….and if we drop the mind we will feel more and more that ‘it hurts beautifully.’
Feel, purge, purify…
As we descended down into the feeling realms we also ascend.
Now is a good time to for rising, for stepping up for the children and all the generations to come and all sentient beings in the seen and unseen realms. Aho!



Loving Your Inner Child

Yesterday I was interviewed  for the powerful Illuminated Man Summit which is all about Rites of Passage and authentic masculinity.
The last question that he asked me was one which I have been asked before but for some reason it touched me extra deeply and I found myself momentarily engulfed in a wave of emotion and my eyes teared up.

He asked me::
‘If you could go back into the past and visit the boy Miguel, with what you know now, what would you say to him?’

I don’t recollect everything I said but I know the first thing I said was that I would wrap him up in my man arms and give him a massive bear cuddle and I would tell him that it’s all gonna be just fine.

In the photo above I guess I was about 14 years old. I was dressed up for my part in a drama production called The Dracula Spectacular. I guess I look like an average kind of boy having an average kind of middle class life.
But I know I was extremely nervous, unsure of myself and anxious and scared all the time about the abusive atmosphere at home that pervaded my childhood.
There is something very paradoxical about the sacredness of our personal stories. It is My story which needs owning and honouring and coming to peace with in order to arrive at a place beyond my story where I recognise that the truth of who I am is deeper and untouched by this human story.

I told my interviewer that I would reassure the child Miguel that he has more courage and strength and resources inside himself than he could ever imagine. I would tell him that he was not alone and that he is always Love and Loved. I would tell him that one day he would understand why everything had to happen the way that it did in order to become the man he would become; ready to do the work that he was born to do.
So I am very grateful to the question and being given the opportunity to give a big hug, some tender parenting and reassurance to the little boy who will always reside inside me.

What would you say to your little boy or girl if you could go back (which you can any time) and speak to them?

It’s a powerful exercise.
As in any marriage the successful marriage of the inner divine masculine and feminine is dependent on taking good care of the children! Today is a good day to honour and Love the child within.


Gratitude, Grace and Feeling

Do you ever feel so full of gratitude and awe at the miracle of this Life that it feels as if you will burst from the vibrating pressure of white fire that burns within your chest?
Do you ever marvel at the magic and beauty of these senses that we have been given to experience this miracle of creation?
When was the last time you really, fully tasted the flavours and textures of a delicious piece of chocolate as it shifts and softens, caressed by your loving tongue melting into the warmth of your moist mouth?
When was the last time that you really stopped still, motionless, silent, under the vast sky and allowed your self to smell the gorgeous, damp, fecund, brown and green of this sacred earth?
When was the last time that you gazed with grace at the setting sun behind a myriad patchwork of shapes and colours and real-eyesed the marvel of your vision, your sight; these eyes that are so small and yet see so much?
And when did you last pause and wonder about who or what it is that looks out from behind these eyes?
When did you last marvel at the gift of hearing? How does that work? Not the science but the magic? How can it be that the beauty of music enters in through our ears and permeates our bodies so that it speaks directly to our heart and touches our soul? What grace is this?
O and this delicate most precious gift of touch. Remember to touch and feel. Remember to allow and invite your self to be held and touched lovingly by those who value and appreciate the unique spark of divinity that you are. Feel the tingle of excitement and energy ripple through you when you look into a loved one’s soft eyes and touch their face tenderly.
Yes, there are challenges on this journey home to the full realisation of the Love that we are. It seems that sometimes the road is littered with rocks and stones and craters and fallen branches; But when did you really, truly give thanks for every perceived obstacle, that you know in truth has only helped you along your way home?
Do you allow yourself to feel everything that Life brings your way? Breathing deeply and feeling it all, feeling fully the curious sensations of energy in your body. Feeling them and knowing that you are alive and you were born to feel.
When you are done with old stories and suffering and mundanity then allow gratitude and grace to be your companions and remember the fragility and fleetingness of this sacred life that you have been gifted. Feel deeply, fully, wholeheartedly into the eternal Now of this moment and know that you are alive and Life itself. Namaste


Do you understand the true nature of twin flame relationship? 

Twin Flames

‘Do not be fooled by Her sweet, alluring smile or lulled into a false sense of security by the kindness of Her gentle voice or the shy glances from Her pretty eyes.
She is a Siren and Her most precious gift to you, will be to entice you on to the Ocean of Love, to set sail, innocently unaware of the hidden secrets beneath Her sometimes calm and sometimes tempestuous waters.
The delicious curves of Her Goddess like form will invite you to navigate the stormy waves of Her ruthless integrity while your destiny beckons you onto the jagged rocks of your own fear and cowardice.
And there, as you lie bleeding and desolate, the poison that lay blocked and trapped in the deepest place of your pierced heart, will trickle forth and you shall be purged.
Your excruciating pain will ebb and flow to be dissolved in the infinite Ocean of Love while its salty water will both sting and cleanse your open wound.
And there will be a deep and profound healing as your self-worth and honour return.
Battered and bloody you shall crawl over the sharp rocks and then scramble to kinder ground to rest until you are ready to walk again;
Eventually dried by the sun’s rays and soothed by the cool breeze you will again stand; upright and proud, taller than you have ever been before you shall make your way back to your rightful throne, that awaited you for so long, empty and neglected.
And as you feel into the unfamiliarity and unexpected peace of this new place you shall be filled with a vast sense of wonder and awe and humility at the power and magic of Her.
And yes She too shall have her voyage for though She is a Siren She is a child too. And there will be times when Her wounds will need dressing; wounds from the coarse tear of old, binding ropes.
Tend them with your strong, loving hands.
She too will need to be held softly and tenderly while old tears fall from Her weary eyes rising up from the depths of Her wounded heart.
She will need your patience and kindness; there will be no place for fear infused thoughts, words or actions.
And yet She will test you time and time again to make sure you are worthy of entering the deepest places within Her sacred body and soul where holy treasures lie.
When you appear to fail, She may be ruthless at first but Her kindness will grow as She learns to trust and forgive once again.
Your discernment will need to be sharp and true if you are to be clear of when to cut through the emotional tangled knots of Her past;
And to know when to speak from the depths of your sovereignty in order to pull Her from the waters of her own floundering self-doubt.
You must know when to guide Her, though at first She will not be willing, addicted as She is to her own autonomy forged over years and years from the interminable weakness of previous lovers.
And you must know when to be guided by Her.
You must know when to listen softly and gently, holding Her hand tenderly or stroking Her silken hair while silencing the cacophony of voices in your head demanding you to advise or to fix or to mend.
Remember that She is your crystal clear mirror and that what you see in Her, is your Self.
What you forgive in Her is what you forgive in your Self.
She has come to destroy who you thought you were and to make you whole and your task is to gift Her the same treasure.
This new land will be beyond your wildest dreams.
Are you ready to be loved by a woman such as this?
Then lay down your weapons for the rules of engagement here are nakedness, vulnerability and deep, raw, honesty.
Your prize shall be a great peace within and Love will flow through and into you in a way which your mind could never have begun to comprehend.

Set sail on the Ocean of Love and set your course for home.’